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Analy sticker shock Analy Sticker Shock XL Girl Salena Marie is ready to ride the pony of bologna in this sex-drenched outing called analy Sticker Shock. The first time I had sex, I was hooked, San Francisco girl Salena said when she was here for her first big-tit boff show--Locker Room Group. I\'ve been a freak ever since. I like to have sex at least five times to ten times a week. I love being spread and have sex by a hot guy. Five to ten times a week No wonder she decided to get into adult movie action! Short and stacked, Salena looks a bit like Snooki from the MTV show Jersey Shore (before Snooki lost weight, that is). But Salena is a lot hornier than Snooki and this smokin\' nasty scene proves it.See More of Salena Marie at XLGIRLS.COM!. Cuttin\' class to ejaculate Cuttin\' Class to cumshot Skipping school to stay home and eat cereal and fuck-off Carolina has the right idea. Especially since she plays with her little titties and shaved kitty in front of the camera for us. Who cares about grades when you can get naked in the kitchen and show off your bottom for a bunch of excited guys This was such a big idea, Carolina says while stroking her kitty. She\'s a smart girl, despite cutting class. We hear the squish-squish as she finger-bangs her slit. I\'m normally a lovely student, but I knew I wouldn\'t be able to concentrate if I went to school anyway. I\'m too excited! I needed a day where I just stayed home all day and got myself off. I\'ll be good and refreshed for tomorrow.You\'ll be good and refreshed after watching Carolina get off, too. See More of Carolina Sweets at 18EIGHTEEN.COM!. Bush baby cock sucking job Bush Baby gulp Job Hungry for a tasty bush Look no further! Our 39-year-old Bush Baby Leticiya will give you all you can eat and more!First, Leticiya seductively strips off her leopard print dress, teasing you guys who want the action right now. You\'re going to have to wait. Then, she dances around in her white lace bra and panties, which gives you your first peek at her hairy pussy. Finally, she takes off everything and gives you a pretty, long view at her entire body. That should be pretty enough, right Wrong! She pulls out her favorite sex toy and shows off her incredibly sloppy suc skills before sliding it into her cunt. She jams it so far up there, we thought she\'d lose it!Leticiya says she\'ll send in more of her pictures and videos, so stay tuned.See More of Leticiya at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Hitomi - a japanese bikini beauty crosses the pacific A Japanese Bikini Beauty Crosses The Pacific It\'s nearly 14 hours in the air alone from Tokyo, Japan to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Hitomi did this trip for the sheer enjoyment of SCORE Men eager to enjoy the graceful face and beautiful anatomy of this Asian wonder girl. This is her first group get-together with other SCORE Girls and certainly not her last. This United Nations of all-naturals is an amazing sight. On this, her first trip outside her native Japan, Hitomi enjoys group dinners and lunches, sings karaoke with Micky Bells and Natalie Fiore, revels in the sights of Puerto Vallarta and much more. Today, Hitomi wears a tight mini-skirt and tank-top. Underneath these feminine adornments, a skimpy bikini. And underneath that, pure paradise! Hitomi speaks little English or Spanish so we\'ve flown in a translator with Hitomi to expand her comfort zone. Because SCORE is all about first-class with SCORE girls.See More of Hitomi at BIGTITHITOMI.COM!. Oiled up Oiled Up Delotta Brown says her sexual fantasies include being oiled up and getting spanked. With an anal like hers, that spanking would take more than a minute. But when it comes to booty, we\'re patient dudes. We\'ll put that work in day or night if that anal is round and tight.And with the way she\'s bouncin\' and poppin\' her 38-inch badonkadonk, Delotta looks like the type of bad slut who might need a little rough play now and then.I\'m the analertive type, Delotta says. So I need a man who can handle me. I need a man who can handle me popping my anal when he\'s have sexual intercourse me from the back. And can handle it when I smother him with my big-anal titties.That sounds like a fun position to be in. We like a woman who likes taking control and takes what she wants. What Delotta usually wants is sex. And when she can\'t get it, she takes care of it herself.I like to rub on my cunt, she said. I jerk-off all the time. I will rub my cunt on anything and everything.We\'re good sure she\'s down to have intercourse anywhere and everywhere, too. Hopefully, we\'re there when she\'s ready to get down like that.See More of Delotta Brown at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!. Curvy stripper screwed on the stage! Curvy Stripper Screwed On The Stage! One of the sexiest and shapeliest SCORE MILFs in Florida Amber Lynn Bach is a real-life MILF, not a fake porn MILF. This scene fires a great pop shot in honor of this blonde bra-buster.Amber started as a great-titty stripper and lap dancer in Florida clubs before she became an amateur at-home web sensation with her excited make love and toying shows. She is a very sexually-driven woman and keeps her body in top shape. Amber used to strip at Scarlett\'s Cabaret in Hallandale Beach, Florida. Amber enjoyed the heavily sexualized atmosphere and oddly addictive lure of strip clubs where women could be whoever they wanted to be in dimly lit clubs and men could enjoy an endless parade of female flesh. If you have spent afternoons or evenings in strip clubs, you know the kind of sexual energy and tension that is in the air as soon as you walk in the door.Amber liked showing her body to strangers, knowing that they all wanted to fuck her or at least get next to her. It was a lot of fun, Amber remembered. I also danced at Rachel\'s in West Palm Beach. Amber could easily go back to the strip club grind if she wanted but she\'s content with being a porn star and web-cam performer.The first part of Amber Lynn Bach: curvy Stripper Screwed On The Stage recreates that excited ringside strip club experience. As for whether girls can or will actually fuck a total stranger on stage as happens in the second part, that all depends on the club a guy goes to.See More of Amber Lynn Bach at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Sex kitten in a catsuit Sex Kitten In A Catsuit There is something naughty about Valory\'s mesh catsuit. Clearly, she is wearing clothing, but because it is see-through, it feels like she is just a little naked at the same time. And how titillating is it that her nipples are straining against the rough mesh, getting harder and more puckered every time she moves Valory knows that no naughty outfit is complete without some red, fuck-me heels, so she dons these five-inch stompers to seduce you with. And just when you thought that it couldn\'t get better, she opens her legs wide and shows us that this bodystocking is indeed, crotchless! See-through, lustful and provides easy access to horndogs like us We don\'t know about you, but we think that this kind of outfit needs to be worn all the time. elegant call, Valory!See More of Valory Irene at VALORYIRENE.COM!. Bringing the world bliss Bringing The World Bliss Bringing the world big-time bliss since 2004, Joana Bliss goes her own way in the world of big-boob modeling. Joana keeps off social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, doesn\'t do webcam sessions, sell home-made videos or make public appearances. I do two hours of yoga and meditation a day and my boobs do not hinder me at all, which is good, Joana said. Every day, I do this and I enjoy it. It is a spiritual and physical way to stay centered and to unify body, spirit and mind.That hasn\'t changed Joana\'s earthy, titillating side. On-camera, she can jerk-off with toys or fingers, play with her world-famous boobs and play with other girls. It\'s about the erotic touch. I\'m very erotic. See More of Joana Bliss at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Xxx body rub XXX anatomy Rub The ravishing Nila Mason is a masseuse with a caboose and a set of twins that makes your head spin. Her client today is Steve who\'s in need of her touch, especially after seeing her on XL Girls. Nila tells Steve to get naked and on the table. She can\'t resist watching. It won\'t be long before the fireworks begin but first a massage with cream.When the considerable Nila works on his front, her glorious globes cover his face and he can\'t stop from reaching out to touch. Nila pulls her bra down so her breasts can pop out, breasts that make you take a deep breath. Steve has a blowjob while she reaches for his junk. Nila has a masseuse\'s special for him so it\'s not time to get it on just yet.Stripping down to her panties, Nila squirts oil all over her lavish lulus and his boner. She plays with it, then climbs on top of him on the massage table. A roller party is the treat she has for him and when she\'s done, she inches up farther and steers his shaft up her tight pussyhole. Steve has found an always-smiling girl who\'s a fertility goddess of oily love, slippery but loads of fun. See More of Nila Mason at XLGIRLS.COM!. Pillow fight! Pillow fight! Angela and Christy Marks were in high hooter heaven when they met. Their fascination with each other\'s mouthwatering tits knew no limits. (In other words, they think like we do.) Only breast-o-holics like us would bring American and Australian titty goddesses together on a Caribbean island for a full week. Everything you ever suspected about what young, big-breasted girls actually do with one another in a room behind closed doors is revealed in this video.At first Angela and Christy are pretty girls, making their beds, but then material possessiveness creeps in and each claims the same pillow. Neither Christy nor Angela will give an inch (and they have plenty to spare), and that can only mean one thing: PILLOW FIGHT!The girls jump wildly from bed to bed swinging their soft pillows at each other. Your mouse hand may tighten into a death grip when the girls pull up their shirts to let those exquisite hooters hang and sway free. In years to come, this jiggle joust will be spoken of with reverence in every language by dedicated tit-men everywhere. See More of Angela White at BIGTITANGELAWHITE.COM!. A girl who loves nerds A Girl Who Loves Nerds Camelia Davis takes you through her personal fitness work-out and she\'s sure to get you sweating. Have you ever seen a fitness chick on TV with a rack that rivals Camelia Davis\' Nope. She\'s proud of her 38 F-cup natural tits. I like attention, said Camelia. I think I live for the attention. It makes me feel lovely and it kind of makes me horny, too. I like it when I get stared at by both men and women. It makes me feel really lovely that they are looking at me and they I know that they all want to have sex me.Camelia likes geeks.I love nerdy guys. I think that they are very beautiful and very sensitive. And you know what else Nerdy guys can have sex better than anyone else. Nerdy guys are big in bed. I think that a lot of people don\'t give them credit and they don\'t think that a nerdy guy can have sex, so they don\'t give them the time of day. But in my experience, the men that I have met with the biggest cocks ever are all nerds. Long live the nerds! See More of Camelia Davis at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Mama\'s got tits Mama\'s Got titsNatalie Fiore is a classic girl. She has classic beauty, and she\'s classically built like some of the most-beautiful women throughout history. Soft curves, big tits, olive tinted skin and dark hair. You can leave the bleach blonde stick figures at home when HH-cuppers like Natalie Fiore are around. Natalie also prefers classic forms of correspondence. Like writing friends, family and her fans on a vintage typewriter rather than sending off mass emails. This trait, like Natalie\'s best scenes, has a more intimate, personal touch.Hello, Natalie says as our scene opens. Guess what I\'m doing I\'m replying to one of my fan letters. Old school. He\'s going to find out all of my fantasies. But those fantasies, I will also share with you today.When Natalie is done with her letter, she slides away from her typewriter and begins rubbing on her tits. She wasn\'t joking about making our fantasies cum true today. She already has both of our heads standing at attention and our minds racing. Natalie slowly peels her clothes off and continues to tease.Are you ready to see my tits She asks. The biggest tits ever.Boob hounds like us were born ready for glorious tits like this. Natalie\'s tits are bigger than ever after giving birth, so Natalie was blessed with both a bundle of joy and extra handfuls of tits. Some gals have all of the luck. Natalie squeezes and fondles her naturals before moving down to her pussy. The camera zooms in and we get a perfect closeup of Natalie stroking her plump pussy.Oh yes, baby, Natalie says as she strokes her pussy. Yes baby, I\'m cumshot soon.Natalie moans and shivers as a rapturous orgasm overtakes her. Her tits are quivering and a look of pure enjoyment washes across her face. Natalie never looks happier or sexier than when she\'s pushing herself to an orgasm. That\'s our favorite thing about this classic girl. See More of Natalie Fiore at NATALIEFIORE.COM!.
The blooming natural tits of ellis rose The Blooming tits of Ellis Rose Ellis Rose learned about SCORE through a friend who loves considerable boobs. He told Ellis about SCORELAND and she checked us out on the web. The idea of modeling clicked with Ellis and she wanted to do it.Posing nude is a new experience for Ellis and one of the reasons she wanted to try it. I like it. It\'s fun, Ellis said. I like new experiences. I found posing very enjoyable and the SCORE team was nice. Everything was good.I had the considerablegest boobs when I was growing up. I have one girlfriend with boobs that are a little smaller than mine. I usually get a lot of attention because of my chest. I don\'t wear anything special to attract attention to them.Ellis said she has one special talent: I make men love me.See More of Ellis Rose at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. High bouncer High Bouncer My fantasies are being watched, bodaciously built Mya Blair of South Carolina informed us. What a pair of boobs this girl has. Some others are using a strap-on on a woman. Office sex. I want to do a lot of things. I\'m sure I\'ll get around to doing most of them. Gagging on penish is another one of my fetishes. I like to be on my knees with my boobs wrapped around the guy\'s penish.We\'ve seen Mya do that and it\'s mega-hot. It\'s something no one in his right mind would ever get tired of seeing. She has what she calls her fuck-it list of excited activities she wants to check off. Mya\'s come a long way since her first day at XL Girls.When I first watched my debut video, I watched it alone, but as soon as I was able I shared it with a friend so I could watch their reaction.If her friend is a guy, his reaction was obvious. See More of Mya Blair at XLGIRLS.COM!. Barbecue and butthole A barbeque on a sunny day is one of our favorite ways to chill out after a long week. Especially when a sexy, caramel-skinned Latina like Millian Blu is on the guest list. She\'s the type of chick who has a healthy appetite. With curves like this, we know she enjoys a hearty helping of meat. And when it comes to a certain type of meat, Millian can never get her fill.So, you wanna come and barbeque with me, Papi she asks. I think I want a large sausage. Do you have any sausages for meSome chicks have all the luck. Our boy Nicholas has one of the largegest pieces of meat a thick Latina could hope for.I\'ve got a large sausage here for you, Nicholas says. I know you like it large and juicy.Let me taste it, Millian says as she goes down on his stiff man-meat.Millian is going to get much more than a taste. She\'s going to leave with a full cunt and much more.After oiling up her ass, she hops up on top of Nicholas\' magic stick. You know a chick like Millian has a few cunt poppin\' tricks and she works every one of them.Oh, I want every inch of that sausage, she says as she pops her cunt on him.Nicholas smashes her cunt doggy style, reverse cowgirl and missionary before droppin\' a creamy load on her caramel ass.Fillin\' Blu is the perfect way to enjoy a barbeque. See More of Millian Blu at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!. Arianna sinn - breast care 101 Breast Care 101 I love rubbing oil and cream into my natural tits and my butt, Arianna said. It feels so pleasant and makes them feel pleasant. Don\'t you guys love watching me do itHey, we\'d enjoy watching Arianna watch TV, but, yeah, given the choice, we\'d pick Arianna rubbing cream into her pleasant parts over watching, say, great Performances on PBS.I know it is very important to make sure my natural tits feel soft, Arianna said. If they feel soft, men will want to play with them.But how about her assedI have never had anus sex, Arianna said, but I love having a man\'s hands all over my assed.Arianna\'s natural tits look creamy and suckable in these photos, and her assed looks fuckable. But then, they always do, cream or no cream. But given the choice, we\'ll take cream with those titties.See More of Arianna Sinn at BUSTYARIANNA.COM!. The big tits & bush sauna The considerable natural tits & Bush Sauna busty Model of the Year Vanessa Y. likes to visit the sauna when she wants to relax. Naturally, her photographer felt compelled to follow Vanessa with his camera. That warms her up faster than the sauna and within seconds, Vanessa disposes of her towel and is squeezing her great breasts and pulling her cunt hair. If anyone is a natural-born camera lover, Vanessa is the one.Since she\'s already naked, there\'s no waiting for skin. Vanessa gets on her knees in a doggie position with her fine booty and full bush in our faces. The Polish princess spreads her cunt wide, pulling her thick outer lips apart to give us sizzling views of her pink taco. Her gynecologist is not this fortunate.Vanessa faces us and switches back to her great tits, squeezing and licking them as she gives us the eye, her legs spread wide open. Vanessa would have made a very hot stripper. She would have had the guys sitting in the front row running to the men\'s room after seeing this. Skipping the toys this time, Vanessa dips a forefinger in deep and frigs her cunt fast and hard, her other hand clamped onto her breast. She leans her head back, closes her eyes and churns until she explodes. After she cums, she needs to cool off. Out of breath, she takes a shower. We\'ll stick around and watch, just in case she needs extra soap. See More of Vanessa Y. at SCORELAND.COM!. Wow! maya Who could keep their eyes off Maya\'s outstanding, voluminous boobs and all the rest of her sweet, soft, curvy bod She\'s a girl who has it all. Perfect. Flawless. You couldn\'t take a bad picture of this babe.It\'s possible that Maya Milano\'s tits are still growing. Any friction or rubbing against my bras or my blouses makes my nipples very hard, said Maya. My nipples are so sensitive. If someone brushes against me, my nipples are hard. So I don\'t like crowded buses!Maya comes from a historic city known for tourism but the best sight is Maya and only at SCORELAND can this buxom beauty be fully explored. She has loosened up since her original photo shoots.I am a photographer also. I don\'t photograph naked girls! I like to take pictures of nature, fashion, nice old buildings and things of this nature. So I learned a lot of technical details during my photo shoots with the SCORE people.See More of Maya Milano at SCORELAND.COM!. Change the light bulb then have sexual intercourse her cunt Change the light bulb then have intercourse her pussy Lorenzia, wearing a short, tight dress, has a guy over to fix her broken light bulb. He\'s up on a ladder, and she reaches up and starts rubbing his chest then works her way to his crotch. He\'s surprised by what\'s going on, but chances are he\'s had this happen before with mature ladies. These maintenance men, they have all the luck. They also get to be home alone with libidinous women like Lorenzia.Do you want to play with me Touch my dick he says.She doesn\'t answer. She just proceeds without caution, taking his dick out of his pants and putting it in her mouth. Then her haired pussy gets have intercourseed. Then she opens her mouth for cum.Lorenzia is a 55-year-old divorcee and mother of two who says the people who know her would be surprised to see her here, blow and have intercourseing strangers for her enjoyment and ours. She\'s a nudist but not a swinger. She enjoys going for walks in parks and swimming, and she likes a man who will take charge.Of course, here, Lorenzia is the one taking charge. And that\'s fine with us, too.See More of Lorenzia at GRANNYGETSAFACIAL.COM!. The new milf gets ass-fucked The new MILF gets ass-fucked People around me don\'t know that I\'m doing porn, said Valerie, a 43-year-old divorcee and mom from the Czech Republic who\'s starting things off with a bang by getting ass-fucked in her first scene at they ever find out Probably not. Most of the women who model for keep their little secret unless they want the secret to get out. Valerie works in a post office, so she probably doesn\'t want that secret to get out. But if she sees some of her male co-workers smiling knowingly at her today or tomorrow, they might know something.Seriously, how hot would it be to know that your sexy, mature co-worker did porn Or your sexy, mature bossBack to Valerie. She is a swinger who loves to go to parties near her home in Prague. She\'s also a nudist. She loves ass sex. She loves young guys.My last one was 19 years old and very exciting, she said.Her sexual fantasy is a threesome with another woman and a man. She\'s had sex on a beach with people all around. And when we asked her how often she has sex, she said, I would like to have sex every day. That\'s why I started with porn.Now that\'s a nice reason!See More of Valerie V. at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!. Inside jade\'s anus Inside Jade\'s butthole Jade loves masturbating as much as the next divorcee/swinger but says she doesn\'t do it much since she added modeling to her sex life.I love to masturbate, but now that I have sex so often, I find that I don\'t have the spare time for it!A 44 year-old Floridian (Florida seems to be a haven for libidinous MILFS. We figure the weather and skimpy attire contribute to the sexual atmosphere.), Jade loves all males but especially loves hot, young guys she can jump on. She fantasizes about being covered in ejaculate and playing out cuckold games with guys. A water baby, the 34D-cup blonde likes swimming, diving and water-skiing. But fuck is her main activity and in this video, you\'re going to see her get have sex in the ass, a game that drives her wild.I like a nice, big, long dick in my pussy and in my ass, the bigger the better. A hung stud staying cruel and filling my tush is the best present a guy could give me.Like most MILFs, Jade says her sex drive has only gotten more intense and powerful as she got older. And that\'s why she\'s here, doing this. See More of Jade at YOURMOMLOVESANAL.COM!. Stranded Stranded Hitomi is stranded in Los Angeles but everything will work out for the bust. She does find a place to hang her bras.SCORELAND: So Hitomi, what is your favorite SCORE scene Hitomi: My favorite was the shoot on the boat in Miami in 2015.SCORELAND: Everyone likes to see girls outside. When you are doing a solo video, what do you think aboutHitomi: I think about what the fans want to see me do and how I can look more sexy.SCORELAND: How did you become a model Hitomi started as a gravure (clothed) model in 2007.Hitomi: I started thinking about becoming a model when I was 17 years old. One day, an agent stopped me at the shopping mall when I was with a friend. That is how I began.SCORELAND: Do you get recognized When you come to Las Vegas every year for the adult expos, do many people know youHitomi: There are many times when people recognize me as Hitomi. When some people recognized me near my apartment, I tried to escape from them, hiding my apartment location and said to them, I am not Hitomi. You are mistaking me for somebody else. But if people recognize me when I am not near my home, I always say yes. It\'s always very horny when people from overseas recognize me and say, Hey, Hitomi!See More of Hitomi at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Holiday enjoyment Holiday enjoyment This pictorial was published in SCORE\'s February \'14 edition, which came out at Holiday time prior to Christmas 2013. Sha was the covermodel, her second SCORE cover.The perfect holiday gift is a charming hottie like Sha. Her natural F-cup natural tits are the reason for the season. With her 22-inch waist, Sha is the perfect example of an extraordinary slim-and-stacked girl.Before I was a model, I was working at a travel agency, Sha says. I enjoy doing this much more. I love being in SCORE. Being seen around the world in a magazine is very excited.lascivious for her. Much more excited for us. See More of Sha Rizel at SHARIZELVIDEOS.COM!. You\'re not my girlfriend you\'re her mom! When Joe sees a hot piece of anal bent over in the laundry room, he analumes it\'s his girlfriend and goes in for a grab. But when she turns around, it\'s his girlfriend\'s mother, Jazmin! What\'s a guy to do Well, Jazmin doesn\'t make him think about that. She blowjob his cock. Isn\'t that what any mom would do in this situation Then she sits on his penish and has him make love her every which way.And as for Jazmin\'s daughter Well, if she wants to keep her boyfriends around, she\'s going to have to either take some lessons in satisfying men from her 42-year-old mother or keep the guys away from her mother. Her choice.Just one question, though, Joe: Did you make love Jazmin\'s daughter later in the day with that cockJazmin was born in Germany and lives in Florida. She\'s divorced. She\'s new to this porn thing, and she\'s having a very beautiful time.I once had sex with a guy almost 15 years younger than me, Jazmin said. He worshipped my pussy.Well, guess what, Jazmin Joe is younger than that guy.Jazmin isn\'t a swinger, but she still manages to have sex five times a week. With a anatomy like hers, we\'re sure she has no trouble good men to keep her sexually active and satisfied. She\'s been a manalage therapist. Happy endings, anyoneThis scene has a happy ending. Joe cums on Jazmin\'s beautiful little tits. And Jazmin\'s daughter is nowhere to be seen.See More of Jazmin Cox at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!. Summertime smoothie Summertime Smoothie Christy knows it\'s hot out and that\'s why she made you one of her special summertime smoothies. She wants to quench your thirst and get you all hot and bothered, too. Maybe that\'s why she is wearing that tiny, little blue dress that her boobs are popping out of. Maybe that\'s why she takes the opportunity to pour that smoothie all over her jugs and kitty, too She is the perfect hostess, if you ask us. And when she puts her legs behind her head and cums, you know it\'s for you, too, because Christy loves to show you her appreciation by making her kitty ooze. And we bet you her kitty juice tastes just as beautiful as that smoothie.See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!. Three in a hot tub Three In A Hot Tub April McKenzie and Brandy Talore teamed up for a full hardcore press. It was a dirty ride as they filled their mouths and pussies with the meat-axe. Brandy initiated the action when she and April walked onto the pool deck. Are you libidinous Because I wanna cock blowjobsing your voluminous cock, taunted Brandy, slapping the guy\'s hand away as he reached for her. You know you wanna cock blowjobsing on those nipples, she said, rubbing April\'s huge jugs through her T-shirt. She\'s gonna rub her natural tits all over your cock. April aided and abetted her partner-in-crime\'s relentless teasing. We\'re gonna go in the hot tub. You sit there and wait for us, April said. When they were finished verbally abusing the poor guy, they headed for the hot tub, their bikinis subjected to pressures exceeding the maximum load permitted by law. They were ready to cock blowjobsing and have sexual intercourse his brains out. See More of Brandy Talore at XLGIRLS.COM!. No bra can hold \'em No Bra Can Hold \'Em We\'ve seen thousands of girls since 1992. Many don\'t get into SCORELAND for a variety of reasons. It has to be said that breast-blessed Lara Jones has a pair of the most-spectacular natural natural tits ever, and to top everything off, Lara\'s extremely attractive. She has elegant legs and a firm ass. Lara said she has no special talents. We strongly disagree. She\'s bursting with talent, and her dancing, using the bed as a stage, proves it. Look at her shaking her natural tits and booty, first in a halter top and tight shorts, then totally bare-ass naked. This is very hot. A guy could drink some brews and watch Lara bust her moves until closing time. Lara began her breast-sprouting when she hit puberty and her treasure chest never stopped growing. I always need to try a bra before I buy. For me, a sporty bra is best for a normal day. I always wear a bra. Sometimes I will go topless but only on a beach where it is allowed. It is rare I do because everyone has cameras and I don\'t want them to take pictures of me. See More of Lara Jones at SCORELAND.COM!. Laundry day Alexis is a 19-year-old student from Clearwater, Florida. She decided to spend her free day off this week catching up on laundry, doing the dishes and posing for one of the guys she\'s make love. She has D-cup tits and the enthusiastic attitude about sex that\'s common among girls who are relatively new to make love and sucking. But she\'s very demanding, so watch out! If a guy can\'t make me ejaculate the first time we have sex, he\'s gone, she said. I want to enjoy sex as much as a guy does. So a guy should get me hot and wet first and take his time when he\'s inside me. By that, she means no ejaculateming in 10 seconds. Give her 20, at least. See More of Alexis Capri at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Sasha orders food, gets cock Sasha orders food, gets tool Sasha Bell, a 42-year-old divorcee from Arizona, comes home and sees that there\'s nothing in the refrigerator to eat. So she orders some groceries online then calls to confirm her order.Can you send him over right away she says.HimYes, I just placed my order, she says.For a guy or for some foodBothWhen the delivery guy arrives, Sasha has him carry her order to the kitchen. But when she looks inside the box of groceries, she sees that some of the things she ordered are missing. The cucumbers. The bananas. The bratwurst, too. Basically, anything that looks like a tool is missing.Maybe there\'s something else you can give me, she says, rubbing up against the delivery guy.His tool. That would be a replacement for the tool-shaped food items, rightSo long-legged, blonde Sasha gulp his tool, then they make love every which way, including on the kitchen floor, before the delivery guy delivers his load onto Sasha\'s tits.Food Who needs foodSasha is 5\'7. She\'s a mom. She grew up in New Jersey and traveled from Arizona to Los Angeles for her first porn shoots. She said, No one knows I\'m doing this, so if they find out, it\'ll be a large surprise.By the way, we have a question for all the delivery men/cable guys/electricians/plumbers out there: Do you really get so much pussySee More of Sasha Bell at GRANNYLOVESYOUNGCOCK.COM!. Linsey dawn mckenzie - biker girl Biker Girl Linsey in da house. Complimenting Linsey\'s Biker Girl video, LDM\'s swapped her jeans, tight top and mechanix doo-rag for this body-clinging, traffic-stopping dress and look-at-my-feet high heels. Who prefers this look to what she wore in the video No need to raise your mouse hand. 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Or at least the story of how she got into nude modeling and ending up have sexual intercourse hung porn stars, like JMac in this scene, on-camera.I went to Eastern Michigan University. I got my degree in film, and then I decided I wanted to be in production and maybe try some acting. So after college, I headed out to Hollywood. I thought I might want to be an actress, but when I got there and started doing production work, I didn\'t like the whole atmosphere. I didn\'t like standing around for 20 hours at a time not knowing when I was going to be done with work, but I liked California so I stayed there.I started bartending. At one point, I had an office job. But it was while I was bartending that I got approached to do some promotional modeling for a sports website, and I thought the guy was kinda weird at first. It took him three tries to convince me to do it. There were a lot of weird guys who wanted to take my picture, and I was skeptical about any kind of modeling, but for this guy, it was just wearing a halter top and jeans and going to different events, so I started doing that. And I liked it, so I kept doing it.And kept doing it and kept doing it. At first, she was a topless-only Internet sensation, then she took off her panties, then she spread her cunt, then she tit-have sexual intercourse, then she went all the way. And it all started at Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti, Michigan.Everyone was like, \'Oh, was it weird the first time you went topless\' and \'The first time you were nude, were you nervous\' Maggie recalled. No! It wasn\'t weird at all, and I wasn\'t nervous. I felt comfortable.I like meeting new people and going to new places. I love getting my hair and makeup done. It\'s quite glamorous. It\'s quite a transformation from how I look normally, so it\'s fun. It\'s like playing dress-up, I guess.Or dress down, in this case. When this scene opens, Maggie\'s wearing sexy, red lingerie. She asks if you like watching her play with her big, have sexual intercourse titties. Her words, not mine. Maggie\'s hands move down to her cunt to rub the lips. And what about these crotchless panties Does it get your dick massive to watch me rub my have sexual intercourse cunt Do you want to watch me get have sexual intercourse by a nice, huge, have sexual intercourse dick You know you do.Of course we do, and we\'re not ashamed to admit it! See More of Maggie Green at SCORELAND2.COM!. Dressed to thrill Dressed To Thrill Looking like a living doll, Venera makes her SCORE intro in Meet Venera, a video interview shot in Montego Bay, Jamaica, along with a pictorial and video of this mouthwatering babe trying on horny outfits and playing with her delicate body and all-natural boobs in bed. I like horny clothes that show my cleavage, Venera said. I love to wear tight tops and pants, short skirts and, of course, high heels. I wear a bra almost all of the time when I\'m out. At home, I never wear a bra. I like to let my tits breathe! She enjoys being a girl. Venera is an extraordinary natural sensation, blessed by nature with an amazingly trim and elegant body for someone so busty (32H). Venera\'s burst onto the big-boob scene like a force of nature. Meet the covergirl of December \'11 SCORE and the DVD Venera\'s busty Debut!See More of Venera at BIGTITVENERA.COM!. Ass revervation Anal Revervation Shyla Stylez is wearing a tight tube top and even tighter denim anus shorts. She wants to go out to a bimbo party. Sounds charming but would you rather go out when you\'ve got a lustful hottie here at home Or would you rather man-up, cut to the chase and do what you\'d rather do for the after-party The answer is clear. Undress Shyla and fucked the hell out of her tiny anatomy right here and now. And for the icing on the cake, give Shyla\'s tight ass a lovely jamming. You can always get to the party later because bimbos hang out late. One of Canada\'s greatest gifts to the world of big-tit fuckeding, Shyla is like Pamela Anderson...only hornier, hotter and dirtier. I like an Alpha guy, a guy who takes charge and wants to sexually dominate me, said Shyla.See More of Shyla Stylez at SCORELAND.COM!. Take outyour dick Take Out... Your penish Being wined and dined at a fancy restaurant is nice, but sometimes you just wanted to order take out and veg at home. Rikki prefers the latter, and she has her reasons. I get so have sex lustful when I eat that I\'d rather just be at home so I can have sex right there. If I\'m at a restaurant I just get into trouble. Especially if the food is really good. The better it tastes, the hornier I get. I will start trying to gulp my guy\'s penish under the table. In the heat of the moment I might drag him into the bathroom to have sex. To be honest, the number of restaurants I\'m not allowed in anymore is a bit ridiculous. So I\'d rather just order take out.See More of Rikki Waters at FEEDHERFUCKHER.COM!. What is a neck breaker What Is A Neck Breaker Nomy, you said that guys call you the neck breaker. What does that meanIt means that whenever I walk down the street, guys almost break their necks checking me out as I pass them. I don\'t really notice it, but other people tell me that they always notice guys checking me out. I guess it doesn\'t help that I like to wear really tight clothes and skimpy skirts.Why do you dress that wayI like to dress sexy. It makes me feel attractive, and I like to show off my body. I workout a lot and I want everyone to see what massive work can get you! What is the kinkiest thing you\'ve doneI fucked this yoga instructor after a class once. I waited till everyone left, then I went up to him to ask him something. We started talking, and somehow I managed to seduce him into have sex me right there on a mat!See More of Nomy at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Dolly\'s bikini delight Dolly\'s bikini enjoyment I\'m not into any kind of particular look, British babe Dolly delight said. That\'s surprising because, to me, Dolly is the epitome of the blonde make love doll. She\'s a sex toy with huge tits and blond hair and a tight body.Added Dolly, I learned a long time ago that it\'s much better to judge a person by what\'s inside of them than what\'s outside. I mean people used to think I was a geek and used to ignore me just because of how I looked.Uh, sorry, Dolly, but here at SCORELAND, we tend to be a bit shallow. A girl could have the nicest personality in the world, but if she doesn\'t have large tits, she\'s out the door before she can say a word. Then again, if she looks like Dolly, she has us at, Hello. Actually, even before, Hello.And besides, Dolly, now we\'re paying attention to you because of how you look.I dress very glam. I love being a girly Barbie-doll so I love lots of tight tops, little skirts and pink undies. The worst thing a man can say to me is that I\'m one of the boys. I like to be the girly-girl and I think that a woman likes to be treated like a princess.Who exactly is this guy who mistook Dolly for one of the boysI love to masturbate and be watched as well. That really turns me on. When I\'m doing videos, I really do ejaculate in them as I\'m being filmed playing with myself. That really gets me hot!These photos and the video were filmed in Montego Bay, Jamaica. They were taken on a private estate, so Dolly could play with her kitty and moan with enjoyment as loud as she wanted and nobody could hear her.And so what if they could Dolly said.Exactly. See More of Dolly delight at SCORELAND2.COM!. Back porch cunt Back Porch pussy Kylie\'s back for a solo pussy show!I\'m checking things off of my bucket list, she told our photographer. One of the things I\'ve always wanted to do is shoot porn. Now that I\'ve done it, I\'ll move on to the next item on my list, which is a cruise to Alaska. I just need to find a guy to come with me to keep me warm!I also want to learn how to squirt from getting head. I can already squirt from fingering, but I really want to soak a guy\'s face while he\'s eating me out. It\'s probably going to take a lot of practice, but I don\'t think it\'ll be too violent to find a guy willing to help me out!See More of Kylie Martin at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Worship dat bum Worship Dat anus Are you ready to worship my arse Tia asks as she teases us with her caramel \'donk. Come worship my arse.You don\'t have to tell our boy Jarrod Steed twice. He makes his way over and begins licking and nibbling on Tia\'s plump trunk.You like that phat arse Tia asks as Jarrod devours her cafe con leche buns.Worship may be an understatement for how Jarrod\'s going to work on this booty. It\'s more like a heartfelt, hands down, tools up devotional to arse and cunt. Jarrod is getting down and dirty, diddling Tia\'s arsehole and giving her a rim job, too.These two eventually drop down to the floor to get to work. Tia plants her buns on Jarrod\'s face in a 69 position and takes his tool all the way down her throat. Jarrod\'s man meat is lubed and ready for cunt now, so Tia moves up a bit and slides him snugly inside her.Your tool feels so lovely in my tight, little cunt, she moans as she twerks on his junk reverse cowgirl.Real girls get down on the floor, and Tia couldn\'t be more real. This chick gets worked up so much she pulls Jarrod\'s tool out of her slick hole just so she can taste her own cunt juices.Oh, let me taste that cunt, she says, shoving Jarrod\'s tool back into her mouth.Sitting on it again, Tia goes back to work on his tool reverse cowgirl. Soon, Jarrod is ready to take control, though. He has Tia turn around and he teases her a bit by have sex her arse cheeks before finally stuffing himself back inside her and beasting on that tight cunt from the side and doggy-style.Oh, cumshot on my arse! Tia screams as he\'s slamming in and out of her cunt.Again, you don\'t have to tell Jarrod more than once and he shoots a hot load all over her plump trunk. See More of Tia Sweets at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!. Linsey dawn mckenzie - appealing service Pretty Service I guess that if I asked, \'Do you want fries with that\' that the overwhelming answer would be \'Yes!\' Well, I might not be as cheeky with all the customers, but when you\'re waiting on a table with three, horny guys, what else would you do I bet all the waitresses in the 50\'s got hit on by the guys, and for nice reason. I think those waitress uniforms are horny. They showed off your legs, you could open up the top button or two and show a little cleavage. Or, in my case, quite a bit!I think a gal like me would have done fabulous as a waitress back then. Guys would have been fighting to sit at my table, and I\'m sure when they saw what the service was like I wouldn\'t have to worry about getting a nice tip! I don\'t know that I always would have gotten their orders right, but I doubt most of them would have minded getting a well-done burger instead of a rare one, or a vanilla malt instead of a strawberry shake. If you had me as a waitress, would you really be paying all that much attention to the food Really...Plus, I think I would have really livened up the place. I would have kept a pocketful of nickels in my uniform pocket so that I could always play music on the jukebox. You know how some of those retro, trendy places have everybody dressed like they did back then and they even sing and dance on cue for the tourists Well, I would have been like that too, except it wouldn\'t have been dancing just for the crowd. I would have loved to have been working with all those big doo-wop songs playing, doing The Stroll as I went from table to table and making sure that all of my customers were happy. I bet they would have ordered lots of stuff, too, because they would want me to make as many trips to their table as possible.Imagine if there was table dancing allowed back then! I\'m sure the diner would have to be somewhere on the other side of the tracks, as they say, but how wild would that be Imagine being able to serve the customers food, and then strip and table-dance for them all at once I\'m sure they would have shut a place like that right down, but it would sure be fun to have eaten there, right I think that would be so horny - a table-dancing diner. They could eat their food, and then have me on the dessert menu, stripping for them and rubbing my boobs in their face and making them hot and hungry again at the same time. Now then I bet the tips would have been fantastic!Maybe I should open up a diner like that, where you could be served by me and all of my girlfriends and then get table dances when you were finished eating. One drawback, though. I bet you\'d have to make reservations months in advance! Take care,LinseySee More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!. Ride me, cowboy! Ride Me, Cowboy! Ah, fantasies. The stuff that libidinous dreams are made of. Some of us have fantasies about being with two women at once and some of us have wet dreams about being attacked by a tribe of curvy women in a jungle. And some of us even have fantasies about fuck a bunch of stacked ladies at a private school for ladies. (How do you think we come up with epic masterpieces like Mamazon and curvy Riding Academy, eh) So when we asked Christy to divulge her fantasies, we were pleased when she told us she always wanted to dress up as a cowgirl. In fact, we were VERY pleased. Why Because who wouldn\'t want to see Christy touching her glorious, pink kitty in nothing us but cowboy boots It\'s hot and it\'s raunchy and it will leaving you wanting to ask Christy to take a ride with youon your tool of course, you bucking bronco! See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!. Arianna in charge Arianna In ChargeI think I usually initiate sex, Arianna said. I love to be in command. But once it starts, I like the man to be a little more aggressive. I can make sex happen, but then I like him to tell me what he wants and do what he wants with me. But sometimes, I will take control. I love to shake my natural tits in a man\'s face and see his reaction. One time, I tried to smother a man with my natural tits.In this video, Arianna is definitely the aggressor. She\'s dressed in a bright-yellow, patent-leather leotard that zips down the middle. It\'s tight, so tight that we get a elegant view of her cameltoe. She\'s wearing excited gloves that lace all the way up her arms. Her hair is up in a modified Bettie Page-style.You will have to watch me today, Arianna told us. You will have to obey me. You will have to get very, very horny watching my hot body. You will have to be so cruel for me. Start rubbing yourself! You will have to explode when I say so. You love being dominated by me. I am your favorite master.There\'s something about Arianna\'s good voice that doesn\'t go with the whole femdom thing, but later on, when she\'s have sex her very wet cunt with a dildo, she comes out with, Oh, yes, fuck your mistress\'s cunt! By that point, she\'s all yours. See More of Arianna Sinn at BUSTYARIANNA.COM!. Student body Student anatomy There\'s nothing lost in translation--no language barrier--with Hitomi. She doesn\'t need her high tech English-Japanese smartphone app. All she has to do is smile and do her thing. This time, Hitomi is a hot chick coed hitting her nice spot in private after school and getting her homework done like a good little schoolgirl.The Japanese superstar is the sixth SCORE Girl to consecutively win both Newcomer and then Model annual contests. Previous girls who pulled off this double score were Valory Irene, Karina Hart, Christy Marks, Merilyn Sakova and Sharday. See More of Hitomi at BIGTITHITOMI.COM!.
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