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Ice cream for natalie Ice Cream For Natalie Natalie Fiore has cravings for good things as any pregnant woman does. She yearns for the taste of something creamy. Some ice cream might satiate Natalie. A cone is brought to her. She licks the sugary goodness with flicks of her long tongue.Know what I\'m gonna do I\'m gonna lick this nipple, Natalie says, wiping some of the ice cream on her voluminous fat natural tits and licking it off. She swirls the cone around each nipple, the cold confection stiffening her nipples. Each nipple and extra big areolae is now covered with melted ice cream. It looks like man-sauce.Natalie\'s bump is enormous. Soon the baby will be arriving. Natalie\'s hormones are flooding her body. She gets hot very easily. Pregnant women are ultra-sensitive to the touch. They are excited and they need relief. Natalie removes her red panties and touches her lady box. She quickly rubs her clit with her fingers. It doesn\'t take a lot of stimulation to get her to cum. With breathy moans, Natalie orgasms. Oh yes, Natalie says as waves of delighting make her shudder. She may need a nap after this. See More of Natalie Fiore at NATALIEFIORE.COM!. It\'s all about the tits! It\'s All About The Tits! Is it all about the natural tits Or do you need cunt to get you off You\'re a big-boob lover, and the mere sight of a giant rack like Karina\'s just might be enough to get you off without any cunt action. Are you like that If so, you\'re gonna love these photos and the accompany video. In fact, for a pleasant part of this photo set, Karina proves that she doesn\'t even have to undress her natural tits to get us pleasant and hard. As tit shows go, this is one of the best we\'ve ever seen. And Karina seems to know it.See More of Karina Hart at KARINAHART.COM!. Lick her through her hoseLick Her Through Her Hose I love my legs, says spicy Latina Isabella. Sometimes I have fantasies about lots of men caressing my legs at once. Some of them are licking my toes and some of them are biting my legs, but all of them are on their knees and worshiping me. One of them even eats me out, but through some pantyhose. I like the idea of pantyhose because I feel exposed, but I am still covered up. Like they can\'t get all of me through that barrier. It\'s very erotic.See More of Isabella de la Cruz at LEGSEX.COM!. Getting to know charity Getting To Know Charity Do you want to get to know Charity You should. She\'s a smoking\' hot 18-year-old who looks like a dream fuck. In this interview, Charity tells us more about herself. She\'s from North Carolina and you can hear a tinge of her horny Southern accent.Why did she decide to get into modeling I\'ve always been fond of myself. I have always walked naked around the house. I love having my picture taken.Charity says that she works out a lot, but we could\'ve guessed that with one look at her tight body.I love my assed. I think it\'s the biggest thing on me. She gives us a view and a wiggle. We\'d say that her assed is our favorite part of her body, until she shows us her cunt. Now we\'re really getting to know her as she spreads and strokes her twat. It makes sense that her name is Charity; she\'s very generous with her masturbate and cunt show.See More of Charity Crawford at 18EIGHTEEN.COM!. Fresh and stacked Fresh and Stacked Amy Berton used to be a waitress. She said she liked it but wanted to experience different kinds of work and activities. A friend told her about SCORE and how they photograph girls with great tits. Amy was curious, and since she\'s the adventurous type, she applied, sending in some selfies. I watch football and basketball, sports fan Amy said. I like to swim for exercise. Please note Amy\'s tan-lined tits. Oh That was the first thing you notedMy hobbies are photography and traveling. I like to try extreme sports when I have the opportunity. My plans are to visit Australia, go on a camera safari, swim with dolphins and visit a restaurant that\'s been awarded a Michelin star.See More of Amy Berton at SCORELAND.COM!. Milf monday MILF Monday Remy is a 40-year-old Canadian cutie who moved to South Carolina years ago. How does the South treat Remy Just fine, she told us in a fake Southern accent. The men are a lot better down here!Remy likes playing soccer to keep in shape. She loves makeup and fashion, and she spends a lot of time with her kids. She\'s happily married and has a great sex life. We have sex whenever we can find the time. It\'s cruel to do with kids in the house, but I love it when he sneaks up behind me in the laundry room, pulls up my dress and slides into me. We\'re also really pleasant at taking showers together in the mornings. We usually fool around a bit in there.Remy sounds like an ideal wife. She\'s happy being a stay-at-home mother who looks after her family, cleans, and dreams about pleasing her man. My sexual fantasies are silly. I dream about making my hubby happy. In fact, the one thing that turns me on more than anything is seeing my husband\'s reaction when he has an orgasm when I give him a blowjob. That gets my pussy wetter than anything else.See More of Remy at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Have some fun Have Some Fun Maddie is a fun-loving 20-year-old from Pittsburgh. She plays field hockey and loves baseball. Her favorite music genre is hip-hop, and she has a DJ turntable where she mixes her own grooves.Sound like fun Well, we haven\'t even gotten to the charming stuff.I like to be tied up during intense sex. I love when a man takes control of me, Maddie told us. I always put the guy\'s needs above my own. That\'s not to say I don\'t have fun. If I\'m in the right head space, I can have three or four orgasms in a row.See More of Maddie Winters at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. The french doll The French Doll Modeling was meant for me, doll-like Anastasia Doll said in her dollish voice. When I am not modeling, I am taking selfies. I love taking pictures and videos.Anastasia is proud of her body. She has the slim and stacked SCORE showgirl look and the butthole of a BootyLicious Girl.I wear tight blouses and tank tops to show off my bust and tight shorts and pants to show off my derriere. I love to wear thong bikinis at resorts.Marseille-based Anastasia has a fetish for shoes. I love high heels. I take care of my feet. I catch men looking at my feet as often as I see them glancing at my chest. See More of Anastasia Doll at SCORELAND.COM!. Tunin\' your instrument Tunin\' Your Instrument Kristi Klenot has an ear for music and a set of boobs for tool. That\'s why when this piano tuner comes over and starts tickling the ivories, she immediately tickles his tool with her hands and mams. You see, she is just as passionate about milking dicks as she is about music. Watch as she goes from passive listener to straddling this guy right on the piano bench. It looks like he might have started out just wanting to tune this piano but in the end, Kristi tuned his organ, instead. (We doubt he minded either.)See More of Kristy Klenot at TITSANDTUGS.COM!. Lola lee\'s darkest fantasies come true Lola Lee\'s darkest fantasies come true Granny Lola Lee, 66, is in bed, wearing red lingerie and stockings and rubbing herself.I\'m so lusty tonight, she says. I\'m so lonely.What Lola Lee lonely How can that beI wish I had a big, black tool to take care of me, she says. Her legs are spread, her cunt is ready, but there\'s no guy in the room. She falls asleep. Cut to Wizard of Oz music (no, not really). She fantasizes about a guy showing up. It\'s Lucas with his big, black tool, and Lola gets right to work on it.Oh, this is wonderful, she says as she rubs his slab of trouser meat against her face. So pretty. inviting So big. Can\'t argue with that.If you\'ve seen Lola Lee, you already know why she\'s one of the most popular MILFs ever. If you haven\'t seen her, you\'re about to find out. Watch Lola get fuck hard. Very hard. Yep, she\'s 66. And still making her fantasies come true.See More of Lola Lee at GRANNYLOVESBBC.COM!. Kerry marie - dangerous when wet Dangerous When Wet Look out! Wet girl straight ahead. You are cordially invited to witness Kerry from all angles as she places her torso under the cooling spray of H2O. Then to heat up the water, she directs the showerhead directly on her succulent British snatch and winky. All of this should send you directly to an icy shower yourself.See More of Kerry Marie at BUSTYKERRYMARIE.COM!. Her mammary majesty Her Mammary Majesty I like to wear very low-cut shirts, preferably without a bra if I can keep my boobs in, and short skirts because I have long legs, too. I\'m not just about boobs, you know. I\'ve got the legs, too. I love wearing high, spiked heels.Diane Poppos has legendary status in the world of big-boobs. When she returned briefly to modeling after an absence of nine years, her famous natural tits had grown even bigger and her figure had become fleshier.The editor of curvy magazine added Diane to his list of the 25 greatest models in V-mag history (September \'18 curvy), calling her the queen of the big-titted housewives.See More of Diane Poppos at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Ass-crammed blonde Ass-Crammed Blonde When Jordan Pryce first came to SCORELAND, she said, You have never met a girl who loves ejaculate as much as I do. I love when men look at my pictures and videos and tell me how they played with their cocks and shot their loads while looking at me. I love thinking about all that ejaculate, and it\'s all because of me!Jordan followed that up with, My problem is, many times when I am with a man, they don\'t even have intercourseed my vagina. I am very cute at giving blowjob jobs, even with large cocks, and sometimes they ejaculate in my mouth or on my breasts before they have had a chance to have intercourseed my vagina. Jordan the have intercourseed doll!Leaving Jordan dry doesn\'t happen here. She does have to beg Max to come to bed and moans, have sexual intercourse my huge breasts and my backside in her throaty voice. She keeps up the pleas until he gives Jordan his cock and balls to lick, cock sucking and choke on. When Jordan gives a guy a BJ, she loudly gags, chokes and makes popping noises in high-fidelity audio. A very dynamic cock suckinger.Jordan really wants her large hooters have intercourseeded too and begs for that again. Max gives the buxom blonde sexbomb what she wants because it\'s all about keeping \'em happy and satisfied. Jordan is not done with her want-list. She wants her vagina taken care of and wants the butt-plug sticking in her backside replaced with his beef-salami. And once she\'s happy with the vagina and ass sex, she wants a lot of ejaculate spurted on her. Max is her have intercourseed-tool. Her spunk dispenser.See More of Jordan Pryce at SCORELAND.COM!. Bkatarina visits the baby doctor/b Katarina visits the baby doctor In this scene, the good Katarina Dubrova have intercourses while eight-months pregnant. Think about that for a second. Here\'s a girl who, as Elliot James wrote, has the anatomy of a fashion model and the breasts of a SCORE Girl...a girl with one of the most-good faces I\'ve seen. For the longest time, she only posed solo. Then she did a boobs \'n\' tugs scene with a few porn studs. Then she have sexual intercourse her boyfriend--and only her boyfriend--on-camera. And here she\'s doing something even the most-experienced porn sluts won\'t do: have intercourse on-camera while pregnant.First, it\'s a highly personal thing. Second, a lot of girls don\'t like how they look with a pregnant belly. But Katarina looks sensational, maybe better than ever, and her engorged belly is round and perfect. Her naturals boobs are largeger. Of course, her areolae are darker because that\'s what happens when a woman gets pregnant.So, the girl who you\'d never think would, does the things most girls who you think would, wouldn\'t.Got thatHere, Katarina goes to the doctor because she wants a checkup. He tells her to have a seat on his exam table so he can examine her, beginning with her ever-growing large breasts. He checks her pulse and her heartbeat then has Kat go behind a curtain to strip to her pink bra and panties. When she comes back, she\'s leaking milk. The doctor is probably leaking pre-cum. Before long, exciting Katarina is blowjob and have intercourseing his rod.Doctors have all the luck, don\'t theyAs SCORELAND member pskao wrote, She\'s pregnant, she lactates, she have intercourses! Wow! And she\'s stunningly gorgeous! Five stars!From Stef83: The most good mom in the world.Can\'t argue with that.See More of Katarina Dubrova at SCORELAND2.COM!. Naked in the sun Naked in the Sun Cosmia had a nice time doing her bikini shoot at poolside. We didn\'t want her pale, white skin getting burned from too much sun.I love to feel sexually wanted, young and plump Cosmia said. I love to get a guy going and then satisfy him completely. I like to know I\'m doing the best possible. I\'m talented and I love to show that off. I love to know that my pictures and videos turn a guy on and make him want to cumshot.Baby-faced Cosmia has an innocent look but look out! She has a big appetite for sex and lots of it.Another of my top sexual experiences was all the outdoor sex I\'ve had. I once had sex in a playground in broad daylight. Another time in a gazebo with a 20-something guy I was fuck at the time.Cosmia\'s first XXX scene was at XL Girls.I enjoyed getting make love by Johnny. He has a really big tool and it felt nice fuck my cunt hard. I got most of it all the way down my throat and he liked it when I sucked his balls. His cumshot tasted nice. I think it\'s obvious by my expression how much I liked our scene.See More of Cosmia at XLGIRLS.COM!. Hairiest ever Ho-ly shit. We\'ve been going through our archives lately for a bit of end-of-the-year cleaning. You won\'t believe the gems we have found! One of which is this old set of Sandra, the hairiest girl we\'ve ever shot. It\'s not even a competition. Sure, some women have a haired pussy. Some let their legs get a little furry. Some even let their pit hair grow, but no woman can hold a candle to this wolf woman.Fans of the bush, surely this has to be too much, no Let us know what you think about this incredibly haired honey.See More of Sandra at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Knocked-up and busting out Knocked-up and Busting Out pretty Czech porn star Nathaly Cherie is seven-months pregnant here. Her cute body has been turning guys on since she got into modeling in 2013. Pregnancy has made her tits bigger and her areolae bigger and darker.Nathaly undresses and spreads her perfect cunt and butthole and licks her fingers so they can slide in. The next time we see Nathaly, a boner will be taking the place of her fingers.Nathaly likes to watch movies, walk her dog, sing and go to the gym. She buys her bras at Victoria\'s Secret.I like to look very busty so I wear tops that show a lot of cleavage, Nathaly said to our photographer. I like to wear tank tops and tight sweater shirts. I like all the attention I get. Now that I am pregnant, my tits are bigger than they have ever been. See More of Nathaly Cherie at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Bleah fucks her granddaughter\'s boyfriend/b Leah make loves her granddaughter\'s boyfriend I like the young ones, said 64-year-old wife and grandmother Leah L\'Amour, who in this scene has sex with 23-year-old Peter Green. Do the math. Peter is young enough to be her grandson. But he isn\'t. He\'s her granddaughter\'s boyfriend, and he\'s using the sauna when lustful Grandma Leah walks in, wearing a very lustful dress.Well, you can\'t make love your grandmother, but you can make love your girlfriend\'s grandmother, and that\'s exactly what Peter does. She cock sucking his cock, then the action moves to the bedroom, where Peter make loves her tight old cunt every which way and cums on her face.Very few girls would suspect that their boyfriend has the hots for their mother. Even fewer would suspect that their boyfriend has the hots for their grandmother. But, of course, this is Leah L\'Amour, a swinging 60something who, last we saw, was sharing a young cock with Rita Daniels.I\'m currently with a guy who\'s 39, and that\'s the youngest besides this fine fellow, Leah said. One thing I like about him is that he\'s young but very mature, and that makes a difference for me.Maybe so, but she didn\'t seem to care whether or not Peter was mature. She only cared about his large cock. She certainly didn\'t care about her granddaughter. Selfish granny Nope. excited granny. See More of Leah L\'Amour at 60PLUSMILFS.COM!. Arianna sinn - arianna sinn in cream my tits! Arianna Sinn In Cream My Tits! In this intimate video shot P.O.V.-style, Arianna comes in from the beach at Grand Bahama Island wearing a tight, orange, corseted lingerie dress and showing off huge amounts of cleavage.Hi, baby, she says. Here we are again at busty Now it\'s just you and me in my bed, and we will have lots of fun.She smiles, bunches up her tits, creating mega-cleavage, and asks, Don\'t you like being alone with me Of course we do, Arianna! She lets a nipple slide out (haven\'t you noticed that Arianna never keeps up the tit tease for long She\'s always eager to release her flesh puppies).I\'m so happy to be with you, baby, Arianna says. Have you ever imagined being in bed with me We can do whatever you want, baby. I\'m all yours. I\'m your girl!The highlight of this video is when pours skin cream onto her tits, and then, all of a sudden, a hand-is it your hand-reaches out and tweaks her nipple and massages her tits, something we\'ve all fantasized about doing.When her tits have been taken care of, Arianna lays back and spreads her legs.Do you like that pussy, baby she says as the camera zooms in on her clean cunt. She pulls out a giant, flesh-colored dildo, rubs it against her pussy lips, then shoves it in. And if you\'re not thinking what we\'re thinking, you\'re in the wrong place! See More of Arianna Sinn at BUSTYARIANNA.COM!. Big, oiled boobs Big, Oiled boobs Poor Daria. She opened a spa that offers massages but she has no customers. Since Daria has some time on her hands, she puts her big, good tits in her hands and gives herself a full-body oil massage on her rubdown table in a very uplifting pictorial. SCORELAND: What position do you sleep inDaria: I sleep on my belly, hugging the pillow.SCORELAND: What clothing do you feel you look sexiest inDaria: Jeans and high heels. Also I think that office-style clothing is very sexy.SCORELAND: Do you know how much your boobs weighDaria: I weighed them. They are about 2.9 kilos 6 pounds together. SCORELAND: What are some of the things that excite youDaria: Massage, teasing and saying things like I\'m going to do...(fill in the blank) with you. See More of Daria at SCORELAND.COM!. Sarenna lee - sarenna in lacey red dress SaRenna In Lacey Red Dress Red is SaRenna\'s best color, we think. It\'s the color of lust and it makes her look so sinfully delicious. Her trademark look-blonde hair, busty body, huge tits and blood red lips-looks amazing encased in a skin-tight crimson dress. Don\'t you thinkSee More of SaRenna Lee at SARENNASWORLD.COM!. Needs a real man Lives: San Jose, California; Occupation: House sitter; Age: 21; Born: August 23; Ht: 5\'0; Wt: 100 pounds; Bras: 34B; Panties: Depends on the outfit; Anal: Never done it; BJs: I always spit; Masturbate: When I\'m bored.It\'s really libidinous when a man knows what he\'s doing in the bedroom, Mila told us. Unfortunately, the boys in my town suck! I\'ve never had an orgasm from a boy. So, since I don\'t date much, I get bored easily, and when I\'m bored I masturbate. That means that I watch a lot of porn, and that\'s how I found your website. I thought to myself, \'I could do that.\' I\'m attractingr than some of the girls on your website, so I knew that wouldn\'t be an issue. With this check you\'re giving me, I\'m going to spend a week in San Francisco and try to find a attracting guy who knows what he\'s doing.See More of Mila at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Gaping anus bone-nanza Gaping ass bone-nanza Some girls look like have sex toys. Some girls walk like have sex toys. They talk like have sex toys. They have sex, well, they have sex like have sex toys. They cultivate the have sex toy image carefully, but a lot of it is natural. Of course, they have to start with the raw ingredients: tits, hips, legs, hair and all the rest that make them stand out from the average girl.Danielle Derek takes pride in being a have sex toy. So do Sandra Star, Kianna Dior and Tigerr Benson. Were would we be without girls like them Sure, we love the dream girls who only do solos and stay chaste on-camera because maybe that makes them more attainable. But have sex toys like Holly Brooks who do everything and have sex penishs on-camera provide their own kind of fantasy fuel.When she gulp dick, Holly\'s gagging and gurgling amplify the sight of her taking it down her throat, and her gasping for air when she takes the spit-covered bone out of her mouth means she gives her all. Before JMac blows his load, he rams into Holly\'s kitty and butt like a machine. Shove that penish in my ass. C\'mon, Daddy, Holly begs him.What a have sex toy! And this is a girl who started modeling as a bikini ring girl for prize fights. She went from zero to 100. See More of Holly Brooks at SCORELAND2.COM!. Wet & hot Wet & Hot Monique may have the largest breasts of all time on I was always known for my huge breasts, Monique said. Boys would always make comments. They would actually grab me and run away. For the most part, other girls were jealous of me. I remember one time a group of the meaner girls followed me home and they were trying to tease me by saying \'What did you do, put Miracle Grow on them\' But it never worked. I was always proud of them. I actually sleep on my stomach and use them as pillows which I\'m sure sounds very funny but it is so much more comfortable for me.I would say I\'m very sexual, always, but only with one person. But when I\'m with someone, I\'m very sexual. I\'m beautiful much a one-guy-girl. That\'s why I never did hardcore. See More of Monique at XLGIRLS.COM!. Jonesing for lara Jonesing For Lara Lara Jones knows what kind of outfits to wear to show off her spectacular figure and she\'s dressed to impress in this pictorial. She also knows how to undress to impress, starting at the top and working her way down. Lara made her SCORE magazine debut in the December 2017 issue and is a contender for Newcomer of the Year.I\'m a sporty girl but I don\'t have any special talents, said Lara. No one will agree with that. Lara is loaded with talent. In these photos, Lara shows her modeling skills and plays with two mini breast pumps, sticking them on her nipples. She also has beautiful butt-cheeks.In her interview video, Lara said that her breasts began to develop at the age of 12 and never stopped growing. In all that time, she\'s yet to meet any girl with tits her size. When I look at a girl, I look at her tits. I haven\'t seen anyone with tits as large as mine. I like that. I like to be admired. See More of Lara Jones at SCORELAND.COM!. Backside three-way Booty Three-way When it cums to nut-busting double-penetration, Danielle Derek leaves no holes barred. Her two yardmen are working outside when Danielle wakes up and opens her bedroom blinds. Their day just got a lot more interesting because this slim and super-stacked, blonde human sex-doll just woke them up.Danielle tells them to come inside her bedroom through the sliding glanal door and help her get her huge hooters inside her too-tight bra. What would you do They only get a few seconds into this job before Danielle grabs them by the junk. She\'s got the right kind of grip on men and no one knows better than Danielle about milking a guy\'s balls. She gives her all and then more.Danielle\'s lips get to blow on both boners. This pictorial has a load of spectacular photos and poses of one of the all-time hottest girls at SCORELAND. make love tits, fuck pussy, fuck mouth and fuck anal is the name of this game and these dudes are not lame with a dame no man can tame. Everyone came.See More of Danielle Derek at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Arianna\'s dressed for sex, and you\'re in control Arianna\'s Dressed For Sex, And You\'re In Control Now that you\'ve seen Arianna suc and make love a real cock, you\'re probably wondering, What will she do for an encore Well, we can tell you that there\'ll be more hardcore Arianna very soon on But now, for something completely different, here\'s Arianna\'s most unusual, most shocking pictorial yet. She\'s wearing hot-pink fishnet pantyhose, a waist cincher and fuck-me pumps and has black duct tape criss-crossing her nipples. But that\'s only part of what makes these photos (and the matching video) special.She\'s wearing a dog collar.She\'s completely submissive.And she\'s doing some very edgy stuff, like drinking milk from a dog bowl.This is our secret, she says. Can I feel enjoyment Please, master! Will you allow me to feel enjoyment, master PleaseWe say let her. But it\'s your call.See More of Arianna Sinn at BUSTYARIANNA.COM!. The thighs of texas are upon you Originally Betsy Boobs, then Babbette Amore and finally Bodacious Babbette, this name-changing brunette Texan began dancing and doing occasional men\'s modeling work in the early 1990s. Said Babbette, I love posing nude and dancing nude because the idea of turning people on is the greatest exciting in the world. Babbette\'s video work is rare and she didn\'t shoot many pictorials over the decade. Her SCOREClassics toy video is one of her few scenes. And there\'s a girl-girl shower scene with an American dancer named Angel Austin, also shot at John Graham\'s studio in London. Babbette did a few softcore magazine shoots with guys as far back as 1993 but focused more on her stage bookings. See More of Bodacious Babette at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. Beautiful morning with sarah rae Good Morning With Sarah Rae The grogginess of sleep will be over in a flash and you\'ll snap to alertness when you shuffle into the kitchen and see girl-next-doorish Sarah Rae pouring a cup of coffee for you. As an added bonus, she\'s decided to model her new pink tube dress and high heels. Here\'s a girl who should be put on a pedestal. She\'s a living work of art.We popped into the studio to chat with Sarah before this scene.XLGirls: Do you wear a bra all the timeSarah: I only wear bras when I go out. I normally don\'t wear them around the house or while I sleep.XLGirls: What is the #1 thing your fans want to see you doSarah: Probably hardcore but I don\'t think it\'s for me. Besides that, flash my titties. I like flashing my titties. XLGirls: Along that line, do you watch adult videos Sarah: I don\'t really watch adult videos. My imagination is way better. Most adult videos are fake. Plus the dudes are kind of gross. I find maybe one out of every twenty porn studs okay. It\'s not really marketed for women. What\'s up with all these monster cocks Some of this stuff just looks painful. Keep in mind this is just my opinion here. XLGirls: Your opinion is valued. A girl has to want to do hardcore. See More of Sarah Rae at XLGIRLS.COM!. Golden girl Golden GirlSunglasses would come in handy checking out Smiley Emma in her skin-tight metallic gold dress. She\'s a dazzler, for sure. What a pair of hangers! Fantastic! Her boobs measure 44 inches and they\'re packed and full. Please observe her hips. This babe is a fertility goddess if we ever saw one. Emma peels out of her dress to bathe her plush, beautifully plump body. While she\'s soaping, Emma fingers her bushy pussy and cock sucking on her nipples, a rare talent. Emma likes to be watched and she\'s come to the right place for that. If Emma could get away with it, she\'d walk around outside naked, something the local populace would greatly enjoy. Since she lives in Canada, there would be a lovely small window of opportunity to do that because of the weather. She calls herself Smiley Emma because she naturally smiles and laughs a lot. What a smile. Any guy who sees her has to smile a lot too. Thank you for sharing, Emma!See More of Smiley Emma at XLGIRLS.COM!. Sex chat Sex Chat Monica Love tells us about the first-time she did a boy-girl scene. What she was looking forward to. Where she thought her partner should ejaculate. She wanted a guy who would play with her breasts a lot and ejaculate on them. I want to have fun and pleasure, Monica said. I want that he loves me. Unlike a lot of models these days, she doesn\'t call it work.Always giggling, Monica then takes off her SCORE Group T-shirt, drops her bra and plays with her nipples. While she\'s doing this, she sports that now-familiar smile, that laugh and the mischievous look in her eyes we\'ve grown accustomed to. See More of Monica Love at XLGIRLS.COM!. Super-sexy blonde Super-sexy Blonde Before orgasm to SCORELAND on the recommendation of a boyfriend, Kaytee Carter had never posed nude before. She\'d never gone to nude beaches or resorts. She had never danced topless or nude in a club. She had never sunbathed in the nude. She\'d never even showered nude. Okay, maybe that last sentence is a lie. And yet Kaytee took to nude videos and photo modeling like she had years of experience, looking relaxed, comfortable and happy. Here\'s a very confident girl who succeeds at everything she does.At heart, Kaytee\'s a country girl. I\'m a little farm girl. I used to train horses, go camping. I ride dirt bikes a lot. I love to fish, hike and hunt. She\'s even jumped a dirt bike over two vans. And we thought lap dancing was an extreme sport. See More of Kaytee Carter at SCORELAND.COM!. Jennica\'s d r adventure Jennica\'s D.R. adventure When Super Swede Jennica Lynn says, at the start of this video, It\'s so charming here, she\'s not referring to her voluptuous, super-naturally stacked body. She\'s referring to Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic, where this scene was shot. She was there with Vanessa Y., Roxanne Miller and Lavina Dream for the XL Girls On Location DVD shoot, a major event.As I mentioned, Jennica is Swedish. I was in Stockholm for a week during charming weather and didn\'t see a single girl built like Jennica. When you think about Swedish women, you think about tall, thin blondes. Jennica is not that, although I was surprised by how many dark-haired, blue-eyed women I saw in Sweden.Jennica eventually moved to England, where curvy brunettes are more at home. Funny, but when I see photos of Jennica, I always forget that she\'s Swedish. I think she\'s British. She isn\'t. She\'s just built like a Brit. A Brit with breasts.We once asked Jennica if she\'s the bustiest Swedish girl in the world, and she said, I have no idea, but I\'ve never met anyone with bigger natural breasts than me in Sweden. So let\'s say I am.Fine. It\'s settled.Jennica reminisced about that week in the D.R.It was so fun. I had never been to the Dominican Republic. It was amazing to talk to other models and compare breasts and other things. I remember us all watching movies at the end of the day and we went out to a restaurant one evening. But what I remember the most was the night I arrived. I think a small group of us went down to the beach and walked around which was amazing since I just came from cold, rainy England!Girls built like Jennica don\'t belong in Sweden or the UK. They belong in the islands, where it\'s sunny and they can get their breasts out 365 days a year.See More of Jennica Lynn at SCORELAND2.COM!. Autumn and sierra Autumn And Sierra Originally published in the now sold-out September 2002 SCORE magazine\'s all-natural annual issue, the video of this Autumn and Sierra photo series is the highlight of the DVD Bosom Buddies #4. This scene is one of the all-time hottest, sexiest big-bust lezzie scenes SCORE has ever made. Both girls have very similar sized tits -- Autumn\'s are larger by almost a cup -- so to see them banging and squeezing natural tits and rubbing their thick nipples against their clits is amazing. They pull out oversized dildos and they make love the hell out of each other. Autumn make loves Sierra\'s booty with a srtring of plastic bottom beads, pulling on the end with her teeth! See More of Sierra at AUTUMN-JADE.COM!. Clash of the sex titans Goddess of heavy boobs and butt too, charismatic Daylene Rio is ready for it. Not the Battle of the Sexes. She\'s ready for the Clash of the Sex Titans. When it comes to Daylene giving the penish TLC and getting her own satisfaction, she is a gold medalist in the coliseum of copulation with a Ph.D in carnal knowledge.I love multiple orgasms, foreplay, kissing, snuggling and spooning, says Daylene in her seriously erotic, baby-doll voice.I feel excited when I\'m all dolled-up, sipping some wine and dancing sensuously. I love to look excited by wearing see-through leggings, no panties or bra or wearing see-through clothing. When I want it, I will walk up to a guy and immediately tell him I am attracted to him. I do not hold back!I\'ve watched my SCORE videos and DVDs by myself but for some reason when I\'m on a date, the guy is always showing me clips of my scenes.Shooting my first scenes at SCORE in 2009 did change me, in a lovely way. I am much more open to sex and I think I\'m more aggressive now.The sex I\'ve had always looks different when I see the video later on compared to when I\'m making it. I notice things that I didn\'t notice before until I watched it. It made me feel lovely to see that SCORE made a DVD XXXtreme Daylene of only my scenes. That\'s never happened anywhere else.Even though Daylene has a pair of the heavygest and sexiest tits at SCORELAND, she says her anal and her eyes are her best features because the eyes say it all.Welcome back, the seriously hot Daylene Rio. And that\'s a fact, Jack!See More of Daylene Rio at DAYLENERIO.COM!. Jolie rain from geek to freak Jolie Rain From Geek To Freak Jolie Rain is a hot I.T. girl from the T.I.T. Department. She\'s a brainiac who knows everything about hardware. However, she\'s not too keen on software. A girl like Jolie doesn\'t like anything soft, especially dicks. It\'s a miracle that Jolie agrees to fix fellow employee Jag\'s computer. He\'s a bumbling, sexist idiot who doubts Jolie\'s skill, which pisses her off to no end. When it\'s all said and done, Jolie fixes his computer. But the drama he created stirs up her hormones. She tells him off and then--surprise!--takes off her top to show him her deep cleavage in a tight bra. Then she shows him her big, natural tits, playing with the nipples as he watches in silence. Shockingly, she decides to drop to her knees to blow and tit-make love him. His sexist attitude is finished as they get on the desk to make love their brains out in as many positions as they can maneuver. What kind of company is this They have a great corporate culture! I love it when employees can appreciate the I.T. department for all that they\'re worth, says Jolie. She\'s no geek!No man face to ruin anything. Filmed in point-of-view!See More of Jolie Rain at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Ass-fucked my her son\'s best friend! Ass-fucked my her son\'s best friend! This scene could be called, have sex Your Best Friend\'s excited Mom In The Ass. The mom is Dacia Logan, a 52-year-old divorcee from Queens, New York (born in Romania). Here, she\'s a jilted housewife whose hubby has stood her up again. The loser\'s car broke down. She\'s all dressed up and ready to go, and now she\'s pissed. She looks outside and sees her son sitting at the pool with his friend Juan and asks her son to go get his father. But, of course, this is just a ploy. She wants to be alone with Juan.Could you come up here and help me with something Dacia calls from the bedroom window. When he gets up there, Dacia is lying in bed.You can help me with a lot of things, she says. I was watching you. You look so sexy. You can give me what I need, can\'t youBut what about your son Juan asks.Nobody has to know. It\'ll be our little secret.Dacia sits him down on the bed and goes right after his cock. She licks his balls and cock sucking his shaft sloppily. Then she has Juan fuck her in several positions. When her pussy has been thoroughly plowed, she says the magic words.Are you ready to stick it in my anus Dacia says. 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My friends always say I\'m very down-to-Earth and more like the girl next door. I don\'t know if they would expect this from me. Still, I enjoy showing off my curves so I normally wear lascivious or revealing clothing out. I like having sex almost daily but I\'m always working to improve the score. I like initiating sex when my husband least expects it. Stamina is what impresses me the most in a man. See More of Kelly Christiansen at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Take my wife\'s ass! Take my wife\'s backside! In Holly and Troy Halston\'s video chat, Holly excitedly declared, There\'s never been another penish in my backside besides Troy\'s. Carlos\' was the first penish in my backside besides Troy!And here it is: Carlos drills super-MILF Holly\'s backsidehole, an backside that has only been pure for her husband\'s penish. Holly is ready for the voluminous event. She\'s dressed in a skimpy two-piece that shows off her hot, curvy body and flat mid-section. She\'s slipped her feet into fuck shoes. 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We asked Christina Sapphire, a 41-year-old newcomer from Tampa, Florida, how often she has sex, and she said, Nowhere near as often as I want to.You\'d think a woman as elegant and lustful as Christina could have sex whenever she wants and with whomever she wants, but the fact that she can\'t has nothing to do with being married. She and her husband are swingers and have been for all of their 15-year marriage.But Christina has a child, and sometimes life interferes, and, unfortunately, a lustful lady like her can\'t spend every hour of every day suc and have sex cock.But she can here at, so maybe this is where she belongs. Today, Christina is going to have her way with Jax\'s big, black cock, and he\'s going to have his way with her mature pussy. He\'s going to leave behind his calling card: a creampie!Christina was born in Illinois. She\'s a webcam model. She knows 60Plus MILF Sally D\'Angelo. We asked her if the people she knows would be surprised to see her here, and she said, My family would, but most of my friends would not be surprised.She had an unusual answer when we asked her if she\'s a nudist. She said, I am comfortable being naked, but I get cold way too easily to be a nudist.Funny. In our opinion, Christina turns up the heat.See More of Christina Sapphire at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!. Arianna, goddess of big tits Arianna, Goddess Of great boobs Aphrodite is the Greek goddess of love, beauty and sexuality. Venus is the Roman goddess of love, beauty and fertility. Arianna Sinn is the boob lover\'s goddess of great boobs, shaved kitty and fuckable ass. We have never, ever seen a photo of Aphrodite or Venus rubbing a grape against their great boobs, but that\'s because Aphrodite and Venus didn\'t have great boobs. You see, gentlemen, Aphrodite and Venus are phonies. Arianna is the real thing. Our goddess blowjob on her nipples while rubbing her kitty. 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Makeup and stripper heels make me feel very, very sexy, said Paige who has a blast when she\'s at SCORE. She quickly made the top rated section of the model directory and it\'s not violent to see why. She\'s got a body and natural boobs you don\'t see every day of the week no matter where you are.My biggest asset My boobs, boobs and boobs.See More of Paige Turner at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. When i want to fuck, i don\'t play games like other girls When I Want To Fuck, I Don\'t Play Games Like Other Girls Passion is Daylene\'s middle name. Girls love tool but, like Christy Marks, Daylene REALLY loves tool and the man-juice that comes out of it. So much so that she\'s made the adoration of tool and pleasing men her life\'s work. That\'s appreciated more than anyone can express. So thanks, Daylene. Thanks for being a tool lover. If they could all be like you, there would be no more wars, Ponzi schemes or political corruption. I love spreading my legs, getting fucked, Daylene said. 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As written in the Chloe story, One of the curious aspects about getting to know Chloe Vevrier is that you can feel both comfortable and perplexed. On the one side, she can appear aloof and unapproachable. On the other side, she has an earthiness and down-home quality that endears the male of the species. The kind of woman who inspires men to write essays and poems such as The Wind Cries Chloe. Very much like Helen of Troy, a woman all men desire, and would battle and connive to possess.See More of Chloe Vevrier at CHLOESWORLD.COM!. Black stockings Black Stockings Often overlooked is the fact that Linsey has terrific legs. Very shapely, strong-looking, libidinous and supple. Traffic-stopping legs. She has featured in some Leg Sex issues over the years. Linsey\'s calves are well-formed. Her slim ankles are in proper proportion to her calves, her thighs are perfect--not too thin, not too thick--her knees are attractive and her feet and toes are out of this world. Linsey takes care of her feet. Linsey is a girl who understands how high heels shape a girl\'s legs and ass. That\'s why Linsey usually wears open-toe platform shoes with a very high heel, usually clear, unless someone manages to talk her out of it. This pictorial was shot on February 7th, 1998.See More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!. Peeping tom spies on hottie Peeping Tom Spies On Hottie This peeper is lucky he wasn\'t dragged off in cuffs. He was peeping on excited Aspen, but he caught her at a time when she really needs a man. Aspen is a lusty woman and needs a nice fucking. Aspen\'s favorite position is basic missionary. As old-fashioned as this sounds, there\'s something about being flat on my back that totally does it for me, Aspen told us I just love it. I like doggie-style and I like to be on top, but I absolutely love to be on my back. In fact, to really get off the best I have to be on my back. 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It was the best sex of my life and I\'m sure it will be massive to beat. See More of Dahlia Taylor at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Dangerous curves Dangerous Curves One of the truly large things about Daylene Rio, besides the obvious, is her attitude. She embraces the fact that she is a make love-toy for men. Daylene does what she does and continues to do it because she knows that as long as she\'s Daylene, she\'s a make love-toy, here to get men shooting their loads over her. This attitude is one of the reasons for her longevity when countless others all over the world have left porn after a few months or a couple of years.I never wait for a guy to make his move, Daylene said. I have sex whenever I\'m horny, and that\'s a lot. I wake up in the morning with my hand under my panties. When I want to make love, I don\'t play games like other girls. A porn star and escort, Daylene was born to make men happy, and she knows she has the smoldering sex drive, hot body and large boobs for raw, nasty sex. Her make love buddy in this scene asks Daylene what she would call herself: a dirty girl or a nice, good, old-fashioned girl No, I\'m a dirty whore all the way, she says. I wanna have fun. Spit over penish and blowjob it. Daylene gets on her knees and plays with her boobs. She fingers her pussy. By this time, she\'s begging for a dicking. It\'s time for her to open her legs and get make loveed.We ask you again: Is Daylene Rio one of the hottest sex-kittens ever at SCORE See More of Daylene Rio at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. The exotic art of belly dancing, cock sucks and cock tugging The Exotic Art Of Belly Dancing, dick sucs And cock Tugging Have you ever heard of topless belly dancers who suc and tug cock In all honesty, we never have. But that\'s what fantasies are all about. That\'s why we have Sandra Martines and Marcella Guerra, two real-life belly dancers, dancing to get you rough, then showing off their tits, then doing their thing with a rough cock. Sandra sucs and tugs it. Marcella tugs it. Both are big-titted Latinas who definitely know how to get a man off. And when this guy gets off, it\'s on both of their racks.Sandra is 56 years old. She\'s divorced. She was born in Arizona and lives in Central Florida. Marcella is 51 years old and divorced. She was born in Colombia and lives in Central Florida. Funny how these things work out: They were both in our studio on the same day. They hit it off immediately. We knew Marcella was a belly dancer but we didn\'t know that Sandra was, too. This scene was supposed to be Sandra with a guy. But then, your editor had a brilliant idea: two Latina belly dancers, one cock. Turn \'em loose! Funny how some of our best ideas spring from rough-ons.See More of Sandra Martines at MILFTUGS.COM!. Big-titted 50something strippers gets huge cock Big-titted 50something strippers gets huge dick This real-life 53-year-old Texas stripper tips a huge-dicked hired hand by offering up her large jugs and shaved, pierced pussy. 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A hotel employee in her hometown, she also spent three summers on the Euro-trash party island of Ibiza working as a nightclub showgirl.Manumission was the world\'s voluminousgest nightclub, and we did different shows, and my part every Monday night was to get dragged onstage, handcuffed and naked, by a dwarf, Michelle said. In part of the show, I\'d be wearing underwear, but in the part with the dwarf, I was naked, and I had a collar and chain around my neck. It was wild, but it was fun and the crowd always got a voluminous kick out of it. That was my voluminous thing. I had a really voluminous three years working in Ibiza, and I met so many amazing people. Went to so many amazing parties. It was fantastic.When SCORE was looking for models for large Boob Finishing School, a feature film shot in Portugal, Michelle was invited to join an international cast of all-natural lovelies. She accepted. An added bonus for tit-men was that Michelle had a major boob growth spurt from her last shoots and was an H-cup. Her bod voluptuously filled out.I don\'t know where it has come from, she said. As my body has kind of grown a bit, they\'ve grown with me. The only thing that\'s different between now and years ago is that I don\'t party as much. I used to be stick-thin, and my tits weren\'t that voluminous because I partied a lot, but now, I don\'t know. I haven\'t done anything to them. They\'ve just grown. I used to be an F-cup. And they just grew and grew, and every time I got measured, they seem to have grown. Either that or my underwear is shrinking! Now I\'m a 34H.Michelle was always voluminous, and now she\'s even better.See More of Michelle Bond at SCORELAND2.COM!. Christy marks - in the van, on the man In The Van, On The Man Christy loves it when we take her around Miami when she is down here. 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