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Gamesetcum! Game... Set... Cum! Her husband\'s spent voluminous bucks to get a tennis pro to come to their house to teach his wife, Raquel, how to play tennis so they can play together at the country club. The pro is dedicated to his task and tries to get Raquel to improve her grip on her racket. But as soon as she knows her husband is gone, she makes it clear that she\'d rather concentrate on a different grip - gripping the young pro\'s cock. After sucks him silly on the tennis court, she takes him into the guesthouse where she shows that she may be a learner at tennis, but she\'s a pro at sucks and fucking!See More of Raquel Sieb at BONEDATHOME.COM!. Showing in the shower Showing in the Shower Occupation: Pharmacy technician; Age: 23; Born: August 9; Ht: 5\'1; Wt: 100 pounds; Bras: 32B; Panties: Cheeky thongs; Anal: Fingers only; BJs: Spit; Masturbate: When I\'m high.When we asked Jasmine to describe herself, she used words like shy and submissive. When we asked her what her life goals are, she responded, I want to do humanitarian work. We had to ask...what the hell is a nice, innocent girl doing spreading her kitty for us poon-hounds I never said I\'m innocent, she replied.I lost my virginity to my friend\'s much-older brother during a sleepover, Jasmine told us. I was probably too young, but I had a great time. I loved that he was experienced and knew how to eat my kitty before he stuck it in. I hear girls say that the first time is always painful. It doesn\'t have to be! A little oral sex goes a long way towards making a girl feel comfortable.When I\'m not working, I love taking my dogs on long walks. I have two pups who are the most important things in my life. I\'m single at the moment, but I\'d love to find a boyfriend who loves dogs as much as I do. One time, I was out hiking with my ex, and the dogs were running around off-leash. He and I ended up finding a grassy spot perfect for some afternoon delight. I started off by grabbing his penish and asking if he wanted a blowjob. I sucked his dick for a little while before I pulled my jeans down and got into doggie-style--my favorite position. Right when he was about to bust, some other hiker turned the corner and totally busted us! See More of Jasmine Vega at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Aspen\'s hot fling Aspen\'s Hot Fling As old-fashioned as this sounds, there\'s something about being flat on my back that totally does it for me, Aspen said about sex positions. I just love it. I like doggie-style and I like to be on top, but I absolutely love to be on my back. In fact, to really get off the best I have to be on my back. Maybe it goes back to that whole thing of being dominated that turns me on so much, and it\'s also just the perfect angle for a guy\'s penish to plunge into me that way. It just feels so pleasant like that. Aspen\'s point-of-view about being a hot lady was liberating for her.If I\'m dressing to show off my anatomy I expect you to look at least once. I\'m going to be offended if you don\'t. I would be offended if a man didn\'t look at me even if I wasn\'t dressed to the nines. I still want my anatomy and my tits to be noticed, but if you want to talk, talk to me and not to my tits. Here\'s a funny story. I went to my high school\'s 10-year reunion, and there was a guy there I had gone to school with, but back then he was drooling all over some other girl and never even really talked to me. At the reunion I was wearing a blouse that fit me very well and showed off some cleavage and he said to me, \'Have you always had those\' and I said yes and he said, \'Even in high school\' and I said yes. He said \'How did I miss those\' and I told him he was too distracted by that other girl and he said, \'Boy, was I ever stupid!\' That made me feel really pleasant. See More of Aspen at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Mounds of joy Mounds of Joy Has Lila Payne ever had sex or been nude or flashed her considerable natural tits in public, either in Melbourne, Australia or in any of the countries she visitsNot so much. I\'m more aroused by seclusion, like being in a cabin in the woods where you can make all the noise you want and no one can hear you. That really turns me on. I remember being felt up in the movies as a teenager. That was really hot. And, yeah, I get my breasts out in public sometimes \'cause it\'s fun. I like wearing no panties when I go to the bank or the post office, out to do my daily chores. Nobody knows it, of course, which makes it more fun.Writes Chappy, Lila is extremely beautiful. I can\'t believe she\'s from Melbourne. That\'s where I hail from. Please more of this stunner. See More of Lila Payne at SCORELAND.COM!. Teach me! Teach Me! Lives: Weston, Florida; Occupation: Student; Age: 19; Born: January 11; Ht: 5\'9; Wt: 128 pounds; Bras: 34A; Panties: Thongs; Anal: Not tried it; BJs: Like to swallow; Diddle: 2-3 nights a week.My boyfriend--he\'s 25--has taught me so much about sex since we got together, said Daisy. Before him, I\'d been with a couple of boys who were just as inexperienced at sex as I was, and I didn\'t get much out of it. But that\'s really changed and now I can\'t get enough oral sex or screwing. It seems like every time we fuck, my orgasm gets stronger and lasts longer. That\'s cool. So I posed for him to say \'thank you\' to my teacher.See More of Daisy Haze at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Biker girl Biker Girl Need your bike polished Need the pipes cleaned out Looking for a proper tune-up You\'ve come to the right establishment. Linsey has opened a new business customizing motorcycles (Linsey\'s anatomy Shop) and she needs the action to build a name for herself in the racing community. As with any new enterprise, she is ready to go the extra mile in customer service. She also has a fine pair of Pro Cups that she\'s more than ready to display. At last report, crowds were flocking to check out her specialized workshops about long-tube headersSee More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!. Angela in eleuthera What would a busty holiday be without a collection of pictures Here\'s a large photo album of daily life on Eleuthera in The Bahamas during Big-Boob Paradise week. Candid moments of playing, hanging out together, dancing, running in the rain, spending quality time at the beach and more--a record of what voluminous-boobed girls do together when they\'re under one roof with a bunch of snap-happy camera operators.The other girls in the photos are Lorna Morgan (Angela\'s roommate during the shoot), Christy Marks, Terry Nova and Gianna Rossi. For a girl like Angela who loves voluminous boobs (and idolizes Lorna), this was truly voluminous-boob paradise. See More of Angela White at BIGTITANGELAWHITE.COM!. I might be the best jacker in the world! I Might Be The Best Jacker In The World! If I want you, I\'ll tell you, says 27-year-old student Juliet Chase, We begin with clit licking and fingering, then I\'ll blowjob you appealing before we screw. I like violent sex in any position with you in control, but still fondling and kissing. I\'ll probably cumshot twice. Once is enough for us, and we\'re already popping wood when Juliet shows off her inviting tits and round, firm butthole that looks big for fucking. I\'ve never had butthole sex, but I\'ve definitely had lots of offers, Juliet said, laughing. The funny thing is, guys always say how much they want my cunt and butthole, but you wouldn\'t believe how many guys have cumshot just from me jacking them off. Uh, we believe it, Juliet. That\'s why I\'ve gotten so appealing at getting myself off with my fingers when I\'m giving a guy a tug job. I\'m not being conceited when I say I might be the best jacker in the world.See More of Juliet Chase at NAUGHTYTUGS.COM!. Curvy stripper screwed on the stage! Curvy Stripper Screwed On The Stage! One of the sexiest and shapeliest SCORE MILFs in Florida Amber Lynn Bach is a real-life MILF, not a fake porn MILF. This scene fires a big pop shot in honor of this blonde bra-buster.Amber started as a big-titty stripper and lap dancer in Florida clubs before she became an amateur at-home web sensation with her lascivious have sexual intercourse and toying shows. She is a very sexually-driven woman and keeps her anatomy in top shape. Amber used to strip at Scarlett\'s Cabaret in Hallandale Beach, Florida. Amber enjoyed the heavily sexualized atmosphere and oddly addictive lure of strip clubs where women could be whoever they wanted to be in dimly lit clubs and men could enjoy an endless parade of female flesh. If you have spent afternoons or evenings in strip clubs, you know the kind of sexual energy and tension that is in the air as soon as you walk in the door.Amber liked showing her anatomy to strangers, knowing that they all wanted to have sexual intercourse her or at least get next to her. It was a lot of fun, Amber remembered. I also danced at Rachel\'s in West Palm Beach. Amber could easily go back to the strip club grind if she wanted but she\'s content with being a porn star and web-cam performer.The first part of Amber Lynn Bach: curvy Stripper Screwed On The Stage recreates that lascivious ringside strip club experience. As for whether girls can or will actually have sexual intercourse a total stranger on stage as happens in the second part, that all depends on the club a guy goes to. See More of Amber Lynn Bach at SCOREVIDEOS.COM!. Sage\'s quest: a facial Sage\'s quest: a facial Sage Quest, who\'s 44, fucks our stud Tony...while her boyfriend watches.My wildest fantasy is that I want my boyfriend to see me spanked, bitch-fucked and pumped full of ejaculate by one or more bold, aggressive men who have long-lasting, rock-violent cocks, she said. We have tried to make this happen several times, but when men meet me, they think I\'m too delicate and appealing to use, so I get respectful, appealing and mushy sex. Yuck!Nope. Sage wants it violent. She wants her cunt to get slammed, as it does here. She wants the guy to ejaculate all over her lovely face, as Tony does here.It\'s violent to get a facial in real life, Sage pointed out. Guys always want to ejaculate in my cunt. It\'s lovely to get a lovely facial once in a while.Sage is a daring woman.My boyfriend and I were doing an erotic nude shoot in a public park, she said. No one else was around except this one man watching us from a short distance. I got turned on and asked my boyfriend if he ever did it in a park. He said no. I asked him if he would like to, and he proceeded to bend me over the park bench, and we went at it.That time, there was an audience of one. This time, thousands.See More of Sage Quest at FLATANDFUCKEDMILFS.COM!. Tiki linsey Tiki Linsey Poor Linsey. Shipwrecked on this beautiful, lonely tropical isle without a guy to fill those quiet hours. The captain of the Boob Cruise should have battened down the hatches instead of getting stinking drunk and walking around with a bra on his head. Now LDM is all alone with little to do except record her thoughts and feelings in her diary, when she is not cracking coconuts in half, weaving nets and decorating her hut. While half of the Royal Navy has their ships out searching for her, let Linsey entertain you like you\'re king of Linsey\'s Island. You\'ll love this steamy 27 minute video Linsey made for members only. She\'ll have you as massive as bamboo. Or should it be bamboobSee More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!. Which comes first the chicken or the egg Which Comes First The Chicken Or The Egg After being involved in a couple of creative brain-storming meetings about different photo shoots, and different photo layouts, I made the comment that it was not the elaborate sets, the intricate scenarios, but the model herself who can make a photo shoot work. I didn\'t mean to sound conceited, and I know I must have since everyone, from the photographer, the set designer, make up artists to art directors, turned around and looked at me with open mouths. What I meant was that even the simplest scenario, can prove to be a bonafide photo set location. The next day, as I was visiting friends, my friends were showing me a new piece of art that they had acquired. I looked at the horse\'s head...and thought...aha...a photo layout. I tried to include all the favorite poses that everyone keeps writing me that they want to see. I wanted to include the pancake shot, the doggie style shot, my famous profile shot...and of course, the hanging shot. Everyone always wants to see my tits hanging. What is it about hanging tits that get you going Tell me! Whenever I am posing, I pretend the camera is my fan. I love to play up to the camera. I also like to watch the photographer. I pride myself when I can seduce the photographer. I know that when the photographer starts breathing rough and talking dirty we are getting the shots that my fans keep clamoring for. Since this photo shoot was shot on a stairway, the photographer spent a lot of time focusing on my legs. I have very strong athletic legs. I did not think my legs were very attractive, but I have gotten numerous letters from fans that are in love with my legs. Now, I consider my legs as an integral part of my sensuality. Through the years my modeling has made me aware of my total body. As a young person, I had often thought of myself as unpretty. When I see myself in a magazine, I am my severest critic. I like to examine each shot. Each shot I always look at to see if the next time I can do better. Now after all these years of modeling, I truly like the way I look. As this photo shoot finished, I was very pleased with the results. I hope you will agree with me on this. I thought of all your requests as I posed for each shot. I don\'t know if my friends were too pleased with their art sculpture between my legs, but then, what are friends for Ciao! ChloeSee More of Chloe Vevrier at CHLOESWORLD.COM!. The blue couch The Blue Couch In The Blue Couch, LDM enters with a toy that could serve double duty as a rolling pin for cookie making. She does manage to squeeze a few inches of the monster into her tight pussy, an unusual sight, to say the least. See More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!. Beer maid to serve your boner Beer Maid To Serve Your Boner Are you in the mood for bratwurst and ale Barmaid Brandy is here to serve you. She\'s also a fan of sausage-the pork kind and the cock kind. Which ever you have, she\'ll take. And if you can slip her a little bit of both at the same time, even better. I love to eat and I love to fuck, Brandy said. Why not have something tickling my taste buds and my pussy at the same time I find that I\'m my horniest after I eat certain foods-especially sausages. Obviously, it\'s shaped like a cock. But it\'s just as thick and juicy as one, too.See More of Brandy Ryder at FEEDHERFUCKHER.COM!. Exhibitionist milf dp Exhibitionist MILF DP So 25-year-old Ivan and 26-year-old Rocky are standing by the bedroom door watching stark-naked 53-year-old Karen Kougar playing with herself. She has a big, black dildo in her cunt, anus beads in her asshole, one hand rubbing a nipple and the other fingering her clit. She doesn\'t know they\'re there, and she\'s moaning loudly and having a big time and really causing a racket when the guys decide to penetrate on her nice time and turn it into a big time.I love it, Karen said. I had done DP in swinging settings, but it\'s not the same as on-camera. On-camera, you have to worry about the angles and make sure the camera can see the cocks in your cunt and your ass at the same time. In your personal life, two guys are fucked you and you don\'t worry about anything but cumming, but it was amazing sex, and I was so into it, mostly because I knew what I was doing on-camera was so nasty and naughty.Very naughty. That\'s how Karen is. Very naughty. See for yourself.See More of Karen Kougar at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Brandy for our cocks Brandy for our dicks Say hello to Brandy Smith, a 40-year-old divorcee from Sarasota, Florida. She\'s a horny woman. She once went to a house party and had sex with six other couples. She was the lone single female, which meant she got to sample all of the married dicks and pussies in the room.I had so much fun, she said. I was eating cunt while I was getting make love and sucking dick while having my cunt eaten. Some guy make love me in the analy, and in all honesty, I have no idea who it was. I just knew I had a dick in my analy, and that was that.When a chick is into anonymous analy fucking, you know she\'s a charming time waiting to happen. So have a charming time with Brandy. She\'s all yours. See More of Brandy Smith at OLDHORNYMILFS.COM!. Christy marks - hot rod hottie Hot Rod Hottie Because we love voluminous breasts, we feel fairly confident saying that all a boob man needs to be happy is two things: A vintage hot rod and a very hot chick. Luckily for you, Christy just happens to be smokin\' hot and the minute she saw this vintage hot rod, she fell in love and somehow convinced the owner to let her crawl all over it naked. (We think she clinched the deal when she walked over to the owner, breasts pushed up in the air, cleavage heaving and said, \'Hey mister, can I crawl all over your pretty car, naked\' That guy didn\'t stand a chance against those breasts, but hey, who would) Christy loved getting dolled up like a pinup and striking some lusty poses with this car. In fact, she even said she wouldn\'t mind a calendar of herself with shots from this shoot. What do you think Would you hang a calendar of pinup Christy on your wall Yeah, we would, too. See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!. 2007 model of the year 2007 Model of the Year This is the photo set that ran in busty magazine when Angela won 2007 Model of the Year. When Angela found out that she had won, she was astounded. Later, she told us, When I first got the news from your editor, I was literally in shock. Since I live so far away, Gary sent me an email and I sat at my computer for about 10 minutes with tears rolling down my face, completely speechless. Tears of joy, mind you. It really is a dream come true. I admire all the other women so much that I never thought I really had an honest chance at winning it myself. I\'m so grateful to all the fans who voted for me. I\'m flattered.Why did Angela win Just look at these photos, taken in Eleuthera, the Bahamas, and you\'ll have your answer. See More of Angela White at BIGTITANGELAWHITE.COM!. Carry on linsey Carry On Linsey In an alternate universe, what would Linsey have become in life if she had not become a model And the answer is...a travel agent. I once wanted to become a travel agent and I once studied for the position. If I hadn\'t gone into glamour modeling, I would probably now be in my own travel agency office booking your next vacation. I wanted to be a travel agent when I was a teen. I love to travel, and seeing other countries and cultures fascinates me. But I\'m very happy with the choice I\'ve made. I love it. And the world is a much better place because of Linsey\'s decision.See More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!. Sweater stretchers Sweater Stretchers Summer Sinn and Morgan Leigh were at the SCORE studio at the same time for different shoots. They got on famously and compared their large ole titties while they were trying on tight sweaters and tight tops. Summer tells Morgan that she\'s gotten libidinous from looking at her and from the feel of the fabric rubbing against her nipples. She asks Morgan to walk with her to the warehouse where one of the regulars, JMac, is unloading boxes of magazines for a few extra bucks. Summer hits him up and asks him if he wants to fuck her in the studio. Summer wants Morgan to stay and watch. She\'ll orgasm harder having Morgan in the same room while she\'s being fucked. And Summer wants to blowjob Morgan\'s nipples and have Morgan blowjob her nipples while she gets a dick to stroke and fill her cunt. Even though she\'s never fucked on-camera before, Morgan agrees. She\'s never seen another woman fuck in person before, just in pictures and videos. Morgan\'s fascinated by how Summer uses her mouth on JMac\'s dick. Summer\'s highly-rated at dickblowjobing and tit-fucking. Morgan doesn\'t want to be a porn mega-star like Summer but she\'s captivated by Summer\'s technique. Summer has few inhibitions and gets even more libidinous as Morgan stares at her face, her boobs and the dick pumping her cunt. Summer especially wants Morgan to see her huge boobs get covered in cum. See More of Summer Sinn at SCORELAND.COM!. Golden girl Smiley Emma would make you smile even if she was covered in a bed sheet, but show her fantastically fertile and fulsome form and her heavy-hanging hooters in all of her naked glory and even Scrooge would crack a smile. A yellow smiley face must be her favorite emoji.Emma\'s metallic gold dress makes her look like she\'s an exotic bombshell from Star Trek. She\'s beamed into the XL Girls bathroom for a little soapy soaking and while she\'s in there...well, you know what girls like to do in the bathroom. She can motorboat herself!A cam girl, Emma is a perfect fit for XL Girls. I think I\'m the girl-next-door. I have a fiance who\'s very supportive of what I\'m doing. I wouldn\'t be doing this without his encouragement.Emma\'s hobbies include camping, video gaming, giving guys woodies and a lot of smiling. She has a tattoo on her left calf that\'s a tribute to her favorite band Linkin Park.See More of Smiley Emma at XLGIRLS.COM!. Holiday hooter hump Holiday Hooter Hump Morgan Leigh said she would do an on-camera tit-fuck and hand job once and only once. For the first and last time, Morgan put on her star spangled banner bikini and went to the beach to do a P.O.V. tits & Tugs. If Morgan sauntered over to you and offered you a hand party, would you decline As her target drove his skin tanker through Morgan\'s titty tunnel, her masterful cock-milking finally makes his balls brakes go out and his load of man-juice overturns, soaking her surrounding hills. Not surprising. A man would have to have iron balls to resist the handiwork of a babe as slim-n-stacked as the large Morgan Leigh. As we mentioned before, this was it for Morgan so keep this remastered scene in a safe place. It wasn\'t easy to pull off on the beach. See More of Morgan Leigh at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Arianna screams for ice cream Arianna Screams for Ice Cream It\'s a scorching hot day in the Dominican Republic, and even though she isn\'t wearing much, Arianna is still hot. Very hot. And what better way to cool off on a hot day than with some ice cream. Cold. Creamy. The thing is, by the time Arianna starts eating her double-dip cone, it\'s already dripping...down her anatomy and into her cleavage. And before long, Arianna seems to realize, Hey, this ice cream cone reminds me of cock. So she tit-fucks the cone and blowjob the...well, do ice cream cones have headsYou\'re going to have an entirely different outlook on ice cream after you see these photos, especially the latter ones when Arianna turns her kitty into the creamiest ice cream sundae you\'ve ever seen. Dig in! See More of Arianna Sinn at BUSTYARIANNA.COM!. Ines cudna - oh, so lusty Oh, So lascivious Sometimes I get so horny that I spread my legs open and I can\'t be bothered to even remove my panties. I will just pull them to the side so that I can touch myself without delay. I like to rub my clit very fast and cumshot very quickly. It turns me on that I still have my panties on, too. It makes me feel like I might be caught and that adds a lot of excitement and I am able to orgasm even faster.See More of Ines Cudna at BUSTYINESCUDNA.COM!. Lila payne - the curvy book club The curvy Book Club Black, lace-up boots, a mini-skirt and a tight, cleavage-busting top. Lila Payne wears them well. The girl from Oz cuts a spectacular figure in and out of hot outfits. This scene makes us feel like starting a book club but only a club filled with curvy beauties.My breasts are heavy, says Lila, a BDSM professional and a private escort based in Melbourne, Australia. They weigh six kilos (13 pounds) total. People ask me a lot if I have back pain. But I don\'t. I\'m a strong girl. We\'ve seen Lila working out with Yoga in a Bonus video and that keeps her limber, supple and healthy.The best compliment I\'ve heard was that I\'m wise and mature for my age. Ones I don\'t care for are, \'You\'ve got huge tits.\' As if I hadn\'t noticed.In a second, bonus video, Lila chats about life as an escort in Oz and the countries she visits.See More of Lila Payne at SCORELAND.COM!. Totally coated! Totally Coated! Japanese superstar Hitomi enters a strange glory hole room with fake cocks, where her exquisite face and body are Totally Coated! in a totally bizarre cumshot fantasy.Bukkake is a commonplace sexual act in Japanese porn that never caught on in the west. According to Wikipedia, Bukkake began in Japan in the 1980s and was copied by North American and European straight porn people, and by gay porn producers. The word itself is derived from a word that means to splash. The Wiki states Since Japanese film producers could not show penetration, they sought other ways to depict sex acts without violating Japanese law and since semen did not need to be censored, a loophole existed for harder sex scenes.Hitomi is sploshed by copious amounts of goo until she is covered in a dripping mess, but this is a fantasy gloryhole & P.O.V. bukkake with none of the usual sausage party of jackers that bukkakes are known for.See More of Hitomi at BIGTITHITOMI.COM!. Nilli\'s enjoyment spot Nilli\'s delight Spot When Nilli Willis played with her pussy, she never once neglected her considerable boobs. It\'s common for girls masturbating on-camera and the photographer filming her to lose sight of that once the girl really gets to work on her cunt, either with hands or toys. Nilli was trained well from the start.Watch Nilli and see how her considerable, big boobs move. Her twin melons never stop wobbling and shaking and she\'s usually fondling them, no matter what else she\'s doing. Her regular photographer, John Graham, gave her complete, detailed, step-by-step instructions throughout this entire video, as well as her other shoots, and you can hear it since the original audio is intact. He was a tit-men and knew how other tit-men thought and what they wanted to see a curvy girl do. This is the difference between the average photographer who just films a curvy girl masturbating and a boob-minded director who completely understands considerable-breast photography. See More of Nilli Willis at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. Top secret tits Kora\'s a total exhibitionist. She gets off on exposing her body, knowing her pictures will be seen by thousands of guys. She gets her kicks tweaking her nips, spreading her pussy, make love it with a sex toy and tasting it after taking it out. Kora says she doesn\'t know why she\'s an exhibitionist. She just gets off on it. My sex fantasy is not really a fantasy, it is a goal, Kora told us. I want to make love for 12 hours straight. I feel that I would be capable of doing over 12 hours. My record now is six hours. I like a partner who is very active and sexual. Such a man must be in pleasant health and physical shape. They are not that easy to find. Looks like Kora\'s a woman who knows what she wants.See More of Kora Kyrk at SCORELAND.COM!. Biking boober This guy was elegant enough to stop and help me when I had a flat tire on my bike, but I had a feeling it had more to do with my tits than his beautiful will. But that\'s okay because I like it when I get attention for my boobs. I was lucky enough to be born with heavy ones, so I should put them to beautiful use, right When we got back to his place I let him feel up on them and gulp my heavy nipples. That right there was enough to get my cunt wet and there was no way I was going to be able to stay off his cock after that!See More of Missy Mae at PICKINGUPPUSSY.COM!. Workout Workout Hey, here\'s some more shots of me getting hot and naked in a wild workout just for you -- cumshot real violent for me! I love reading all of your letters to me over and over again--actually, sometimes I like to play with myself while I read them! Hello Desirae,How are you doing today, you little Leo/Virgo with a Scorpio rising You may ask yourself how or why would I know this. Well, I will tell you why. We have the exact same birthday (I was born @ 2:45PM). What are the odds Oh, and you\'re beautiful! Now back to your sign. I am going to make some guesses about you, so I hope that you will write me back and tell me how close I was. The first one is the easiest. As a Leo Woman, you find it very very easy to pose nude in front of the cameras. You liked to be admired and to feel like you are in the limelight. The Leo will also explain why you like sex and wank so much. Leos are very lascivious, and have a vivid imagination and are very open about sex. I bet that you have made many of your friends blush. You also mentioned that you love to feel dominated. I am not going to get into that because it will take too long to explain, but if you write back I would be more than happy to. I am also charming sure that you are reading this because Leos love to learn about themselves, and love to be flattered. I would have to say that your Virgo traits are a little more subtle. I am going to say that you exhibit the trait of loving straight lines. What does that mean Well, when you get bored you like to arrange things in straight lines, or in some form of size, shape, color, etc. order. I.E, say your photographer is taking photos of you, and then he lays them out for you to inspect. While he is talking, you will subconsciously arrange them so that they all line up very neatly. You might pick up one for closer inspection, but when you lay it down it will be right in line with the pictures on the right and left. You probably do not even notice that you are doing it. Same idea with pens or pencils on your desk, or picture frames. You can take the Virgo test if you still don\'t understand. Take two pens and line them up side by side, then move one so that it slightly crooked. Does this bug you It should. You also have a thing about being on time.-N.F. Dear Nathan, thank you for writing to my site. Your letter is very interesting. You are right about me being very lascivious and open about sex. Now the other things. I am usually not on time most of the time! I don\'t arrange things in straight lines. The pen test did not bother me. XOXO, DesiraeSee More of Desirae at DESIRAESWORLD.COM!. Push in the bush Push In The Bush April McKenzie was 22 before she even heard of SCORE and busty. Shocking, no This alone is an indictment of the poor educational system in America that needs an overhaul. I\'m originally from Georgia, but I live in the Tampa, Florida area, said April, a past busty Newcomer of the Year. When my boobs first started getting considerable I was more shy about it and would wear loose shirts that didn\'t show my figure very much. Things that buttoned all the way up and didn\'t show any cleavage.Even though she\'s a southern belle, April can be sexually aggressive. It depends on the dude she\'s hooking-up with. I like to take charge sometimes. I don\'t like to have someone telling me what to do. I want to take the lead. I like for a man to be very lovely and romantic, very sweet. I want him to try to please me more than please himself. That means a lot to me.And a considerable cock means a lot to April too. She\'s had plenty since she got into violentcore. Watch how she holds and squeezes our bro\'s balls as he jerks his load on her face. Very few girls do this. They should!I like to be rubbed around the boobs, on the sides. My nipples are very sensitive and in a way they are too sensitive. For them to be squeezed very violent or pinched actually hurts, so it\'s better to work around my boobs and squeeze and play with the entire thing. I think most girls need to be warmed up slowly. The best advice I could give a man is to take your time and slow down. 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SCORELAND: If you had three wishes, what would you wish forMaya: A charming man, an unlimited bank card and peace throughout the world.SCORELAND: What size bra do you buy now Where do you buy your brasMaya: I try to buy 75G bras in lingerie stores. The size depends on the company. I need to be fitted by the saleswomen. SCORELAND: Are you called by any nick-namesMaya: No, none.SCORELAND: Do you drive Do seat belts fit you comfortablyMaya: No, I don\'t drive. I do not have a car. Shoulder belts are uncomfortable for many women that have big boobs but they must be worn for safety. SCORELAND: Maya, thank you for another lusty photo shoot. See More of Maya Milano at SCORELAND.COM!. Roxee & her heavy toys Roxee & Her great Toys Roxee Robinson has two violent cock-toys and she\'s going to expand her mature cunt with them. 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See More of Anika at SCOREVIDEOS.COM!. I got the hots for miss rio I Got The Hots For Miss Rio The past ten years, there\'s been a wave of sexy, young female teachers sexting, seducing and banging their students. Some of them have gotten pregnant. The news is full of these incidents. We gotta tell ya, for the most part, the teachers in our day were battle-axes that would kill any lascivious teen\'s boner. Not today! This is another indictment of the sub-standard educational system in America that has existed for so many years. Our sex-ed teacher was a male gym teacher and a real jack-off, not a lady like Ms. Daylene Rio. How many of you have had a teacher like Daylene Rio, a spitfire flaunting her considerable Latina natural tits and Latina anus What Daylene does in this SCORE video is show you how it should be done. Ms. Rio\'s lesson plan for today is to demonstrate the proper technique for a hand job with the aid of a dummy. 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Terry dressed glam style for her first SCORE shoot and looks amazing. Our jaws dropped when we saw the test shots our photographer emailed to us from Prague, Terry\'s hometown. As soon as this pictorial came in, we rushed it into production for July 2007 SCORE. She has the same qualities that Diane Poppos, Luma and the other chosen few have. Terry is a fun-loving college student and aspiring porn star. She\'s the leader in her pack of girlfriends and the most sexually aggressive. We asked her about her first SCORE shoot. I was very comfortable, Terry said, translated for us since Terry\'s English is minimal. The photographer is a Czech woman and a wonderful photographer. She has photographed many famous Czech SCORE and Leg Sex models. I meet a lot of bad photographers who make terrible pictures. So I was very happy to model for her and I was very relaxed. I love how I look in these photos and I hope everyone enjoys them. 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